Amtrak – coming apart at the seams



With the third wreck in a week, questions are being asked about the US passenger rail service Amtrak. It is a quasi-public corporation though run for profit. On this occasion a high-speed train broke apart as it raced north toward Penn Station at 125 mph. There were no injuries, unlike Sunday when two workers were killed in a collision with a freight train. Four days earlier, an Amtrak train carrying Republican members of Congress hit a garbage truck, killing one person. In December an Amtrak train on an inaugural run derailed on a turn, killing three and injuring scores.

The first service for Amtrak left on 1 May 1971 at 12.05 am New York. That chart is certainly on high alert with more accident-prone influences to come. Tr Uranus is moving towards the IC in late March, squaring the Moon at the same time, then squaring Mars which is even more risky in April, and again late in the year.

Passengers say they are now terrified of using the service, not surprisingly.

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