Amelia Earhart – new theory about air adventurer’s death


There’s a new twist to the mystery surrounding legendary aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart’s disappearance in 1937 over the Pacific while attempting to circumnavigate the globe. A newly discovered photo suggests she might have died in Japanese custody. The official explanation at the time was that she lost communication, ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean. An NBC documentary now says she was taken prisoner, suspected of being a spy, interned and died a prisoner of war.

Born 24 July 1897 11.30pm Atchison, Kansas, she had an alcoholic father, was an adventurous child, and intent on making her name in a male dominated field. She had a 4th house Leo Sun and Mercury; with an extraordinary collection of Moon Pluto Venus Neptune in Gemini, with Moon Pluto square Mars Jupiter in Virgo – not short of determination or guts. Mars Jupiter in the performing and sporty 5th would prompt her to make a name for herself. She also had Uranus Saturn in Scorpio in her 7th – so with that and her difficult Moon aspects she was not ideally suited to a settled married life, especially of those days.

When she disappeared with navigator Fred Noonan in July 1937, her Solar Arc Sun had been conjunct her Mars Jupiter in the much publicised months before; and tr Uranus was exactly trine her Mars Jupiter. There’s no way of telling from the astrology since the chart continues on after death. But if she did survive, then there certainly were devastating influences in the aftermath with tr Pluto moving to conjunct her Solar Arc Neptune; tr Pluto opposition the Solar Arc Uranus Saturn; and her Solar Arc Neptune opposition her Sun three years later.

Her leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17th Harmonic was particularly strong; as was her breakthrough-genius 13H.

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  1. Very correct, a chart continues even after the death of the native. I would think there must be some transits or progressions of note during the current time period that would indicate her being in the news. I wonder if the mystery will ever be known.

  2. My mom grew up on Saipan (born 1931) and lived under Japanese military occupation (the general confiscated and occupied their house & property, now the Peace Park). She always told me the story of an American woman pilot who was a Japanese POW and died as one. I always assumed it was Earhart. How many single women flew planes in the South Pacific in those days? Only one that I’ve ever learned of.

    • Fascinating, Cynthia. Saipan is known as “the most beautiful place in America you’ve never heard of”. Your family must have been devastated when their home and land was confiscated. It is a tribute to their resilience that you are thriving today.

      Your mother’s story is a powerful affirmation that it was Earhart. I’ve seen the picture Marjorie mentioned. It shows the woman from behind, and in the black and white picture, her hair looks black. The man is unidentifiable too, but is said to have a similar hairline to Fred Noonan. An intriguing picture, but too vague to be useful.

    • Perhaps POW records from that era on Saipan could provide a useful track…? Even the journals of soldiers could be reviewed…

  3. Being captured was an early explanation from some years back, I recall but no one really wanted to believe that…there was the notion they were both on a scouting mission for the US Armed Forces to examine pre-WW2 Japanese expansion. Who knows?

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