Ahed Tamimi – a formidable teen activist



17 year old Palestinian Ahed Tamimi’s trial in Israel will be held in closed court against the objections of her attorney. She is charged with 12 offences over multiple confrontations with soldiers spanning back to April 2016 – incitement to violence, aggravated assault, threatening a soldier, incitement on Facebook and throwing objects at people and property. After an initial hearing the proceedings will start in March.

On this most recent occasion she was arrested for slapping an Israeli soldier (in full protective battle kit) after he and his colleagues had parked on her family’s land, fired a rubber bullet into her 14 year old cousin’s face and fired tear gas into their house. She is described as ‘a risk’ to Israel, was been held in isolation and denied access to her parents during interrogations.

She comes from a family who have been engaged in active resistance to Israel’s occupation. From 2013 onwards, they have staged regular demonstrations against the military and the nearby settlers who have taken over their lands and water spring. The protests are met with tear gas, rubber bullets, skunk water and live ammunition. In 2012, Ahed’s father was declared a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International. In 2013, her uncle was killed by a tear gas canister shot to the head. In 2014, her mother was almost permanently disabled when she was shot in the leg. In 2015, a video of Ahed preventing her younger brother from being arrested went viral. Her cousins and her older brother have spent time in Israeli prisons.

Born 31 January 2001 she’s a Sun Neptune in Aquarius; with an astonishingly formidable and aggrieved Saturn in Taurus opposition Mars in Scorpio square Uranus. She won’t budge easily.

Her Fixed Saturn, Mars, Uranus collide with Israel’s equally Fixed Taurus Sun square Mars in Leo. So it’s an inflammatory and unyielding relationship on both sides. The relationship chart has a bitterly hostile and struggle-to-the-death composite Mars Pluto opposition Sun square Saturn and they don’t get bleaker or more aggravated than that. Chained-together by circumstances and resenting it. There will be a turn-around of sorts in 2019/2020 with tr Pluto square the composite Uranus, but which way that will jump isn’t clear. She’ll be battling on determinedly with tr Pluto sextile her Mars in 2019/2020 and then trine her Saturn for a discouraging, uphill struggle in 2020/2021

Note: This is a different birthday to the previous post, wiki having changed its mind (sigh).

6 thoughts on “Ahed Tamimi – a formidable teen activist

  1. Shirley you are right and unfortunately, if anyone dares to make any public comment about the horrors that happend to Jews in Germany then they are denounced as being antisemitic and yes many do question what the difference is between what happened then and what is being done now by the current State of Israel who by logic and rationale you would hope woudl have more humane hearts.

  2. This girl is amazing I hope she stays strong. The Israelis have only themselves to blame for what a lot of us around the world are feeling towards them at the moment.

    This teen is a threat to Israel simply because of her higher intelligence and capability of communicating with others to the point that they see themselves in her. In other words she knows how to put a message across.

    Without a huge budget, she was able to do what the zionist media spends billions on doing…touching others through the media…

    she was also able to undo what many Israelis (but not all, thankfully some still have their hearts in the right place) spend most of their waking hours doing, demonising the Palestinians.

    Out of sheer boredom I anagrammed her name, and ‘I media math’ was a spelling of it…. very unfortunately her name also spelt ‘maimed’. I guess if they can’t control her…
    but I do hope she stays string and safe, and Israel ends this PR disaster for itself by simply releasing her.

    BTW no surprise with the birthday…it is the one I knew about it first, and was surprised when the old post mentioned another one. That Venusian pisces may also explain why she is so likeable.

  3. Shirley the world is hoodwinked by the all powerful pro Zionist media and the fully owned US politicians who shill for their masters in Tel Aviv. Kushner anyone?

    When was the last time a major American media outlet castigated Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians? Or Israel’s overt support of Daeash? Or the ethnic cleansing and apartheid of the Israeli state?

    If dropping phosphorus munitions on women and children doesn’t arouse the Zionist media’s ire, what will?

  4. And isn’t it an absolute crying shame when the world just stands by and watches.

    Meanwhile many Jews want us to remember what they suffered, as most of us do, however sympathy for them is now wearing thin. Wearing thin due to the double standards.

  5. She’s a hero and should get a medal. An object lesson for all of us, especially women and girls, in standing up for what’s right against tyranny and oppression. And a hat tip also to those decent, humane Israelis who have to endure the opprobrium and disgust felt by the world at the actions of its deeply unpleasant government and fascist brethren

    • and (just for safety’s sake in case hate and frustration risk to earth through her), all archangels to stand with Ahed, (also so she knows she is not alone). Hopefully youth is buoy enough. I’m old enough to worry.

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