Adele – streamlined for the 2020s

Adele having left a failed marriage has also shed three stone (42 pounds) to be a lithe shadow of her former self. Despite the usual snowflakey howls of fat-shaming about making comment, she does look much better and happier.

Born 5 May 1988 8.19 am London, she’s a Sun Jupiter in indulgent Taurus opposition Pluto square Mars; with her 6th house Moon opposition Venus in the 12th. Taurus is a great lover of food; Moon Venus will reach for sweet treats when emotional lacks loom large; and often women with Mars Pluto in their charts use weight as a defence against perceived threats.

She has had a rocky relationship with her father who split from her mother when she was three and in later years succumbed to alcoholism and a few years back made ill-advised remarks about her lack of a love life, after which they haven’t been in touch.

Her marriage to financier Simon Konecki, 17 April 1974, would be fraught and at times scary with his Mars Saturn in Gemini conjunct her Venus and opposition her Moon; and their relationship chart has an angry and frustrating composite Mars opposition Pluto which would make for exceptionally challenging chemistry. She also suffered from post-natal depression and anxiety disorder after the birth of her son seven years back. Her 6th house Moon will make her especially prone to somatising her emotions, so her body will take the strain of what is bothering her.

In 2016 tr Saturn started to move into and through her 6th house of health which is always a time of getting serious about fitness, physical lifestyle and health.

She’ll probably always fight a battle of yo-yo-ing weight with Taurus and a sugary Venus Moon, but she must be pleased with herself at the moment.

Tr Saturn immediately and then tr Pluto next year will move into her 8th house which will be a more sombre phase with a good deal ongoing either financial or in terms of other restrictions. She’ll need to battle on. By 2021 tr Uranus will start several years of hard aspects to her Fixed T Square of Pluto, Jupiter, Sun and Mars – there will be highs and lucky breaks as well as forced changes which she won’t find easy having such a Fixed chart.

Pic 2016: Mark E

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  1. Looking at the Daily Mail photos, I think she looks ill and it has aged her to a degree. She looked good with a bit of meat on her bones. Just hope it hasn’t affected her fabulous voice.

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