Abu Baghdadi – beheading the dragon


The death of the ISIS leader Baghdadi still hasn’t been confirmed by DNA corroboration but Trump is already grandstanding his final moments in graphic detail. The Kurds claim it was a joint effort with USA while Trump thanked the Russians who weren’t involved. He’s also angling to have it seen as a bigger event than Bin Laden’s capture (to do down Obama); and appeared along the way not to have notified the relevant Congress chairmen who would usually be informed. Putin always, Adam Schiff never.

If wiki is to be believed Baghdadi was born 28 June 1971, five days earlier than Julian Assange; with the same Cancer Sun in a square to rebellious Uranus; and an uncompromising Mars in Aquarius. His chart is bedevilled by undermining Neptune transits to midpoints at the moment.

The ISIS 15 October 2006 chart did indicate 2019 to 2021 as the point at which it would hit major setbacks as tr Pluto squares the Libra Sun and then Mars. The Scorpio New Moon opposition Uranus tomorrow will hit their Solar Arc Sun in Scorpio exactly which seems apt.

It was always a more brutal chart than Al Quaeda, which was nasty enough with an afflicted Mars in Aries quincunx Pluto. But the ISIS chart has Saturn in wannabe-important Leo in an unyielding trine to Pluto, sextile Mars Sun – ruthless and brutal. With a lucky Jupiter in acquisitive Scorpio square Neptune and Saturn.

It remains to be seen whether another leader will step into his shoes – if he is truly dead this time – and how the group will reorganise itself, since there are now sleeper cells spread around the Middle East and Europe, as well as fundamentalist groups opposed to ISIS who could cause headaches in their own way. It’s a hundred-headed Hydra – chop off one and others appear.


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  1. I usually would be for trialing terrorists and dictators, if not for anything else, to see how pathetic little creatures they become when stripped of their power to harm people physically. But in this case, there wasn’t an option.

  2. CNN posted a piece of the 41 most memorable lines from Trump’s self-importance victory speech.


    • His victory lap consisted of attending a World Series baseball game, eating hot dogs, and listening to waves of cheers, adulations, and chanting of “Lock Her Up.” Life’s tough when you’re Cadet Bonespur.

      • Except, of course, the crowd was booing and chanting “Loch HIM up” and Cadet Bonespurs left at an hour of the game (including the anthem and the first pitch by an immigrant celeb chef), so he must have heard right. And, with a crowd – affluent suburbanites from Maryland and Virginia – that would normally welcome a President just out of a successful antiterrorism operation warmly.

  3. Psychological programming is a hell of a thing. I suppose Trump is the less Hollywood and more reality based version of what a Manchurian candidate is like. Kudos to Putin for getting praises from a POTUS for something positive that Russia had no involvement in achieving. He may be wretched but a strategic player he is. Fortunately his day in the guillotine will come after The U.S dispatches the dangerous Moron in Chief.
    What a Twilight zone….smh.

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