ABBA – nostalgic for the glory days

Fifty years on ABBA, the Swedish pop group, who topped the charts worldwide from 1974 to 1983, are back together for their first studio album in 40 years to be released in November. A tour featuring virtual avatars will take place in 2022. They got together in 1972 as Pluto was shifting into Libra and Neptune was just into Sagittarius so harbingers of a new age in pop music, hitting it big with “Waterloo” in the 1974 Eurovision contest. They ultimately disbanded, after relationship splits and the stress of success, to go their separate ways. Though their compilation album released a decade after they gave up became a worldwide bestseller. The successful musical Mamma Mia! and subsequent movie were smash hits.  

  They are vastly different personalities – a Taurus Sun initially hitched with an Aries and a Scorpio with a Sagittarius.

 The only theme running through three of the charts is Jupiter Venus conjunct for Benny Andersson in Scorpio, in Aquarius for Agnetha; and inconjunct for Bjorn. Venus Jupiter tends to the frivolous and superficial.

  Both composite charts for the engaged/married couple have strong Uranus aspects so would not survive the hothouse 24/7 touring and success schedules.

  Benny Andersson admitted to being alcoholic most of his life – he’s a Sun and Mars in Sagittarius opposition Uranus; with Saturn Pluto in Leo trine Mercury sextile Neptune.

  Agnetha, an Aries opposition Neptune, has suffered from various panic disorders including fear of flying, heights and fear of crowds.

 Bjorn, a Sun Taurus with Jupiter in Virgo opposition Mars in Pisces and Neptune square Saturn, is a humanist and cash-free campaigner.

 Anni-Frid, a serious Sun Scorpio trine Saturn, ultimately married into minor Royalty and became a princess.

   Not that any of them will be dependent on the success of this album but none look exactly exuberant ahead. Benny has tr Neptune square his Sun this year and next and then his Mars till mid decade.

Bjorn has tr Neptune square his Jupiter/Mars midpoint this year and conjunct his Mars in 2022/23 which is equally lacklustre.  Agnetha also has tr Neptune opposition her Mars in a couple of year; and Anni-Frid has a frustrating trapped tr Pluto square her Mars in 2023/24. Which may all be for individual reasons.   

4 thoughts on “ABBA – nostalgic for the glory days

  1. There’s no doubt that they are unique and their music has endured.
    As Venus conjunct Jupiter (square Saturn) myself the difficulty has always been knowing when to stop, when it’s time to leave the party, and enough is enough, etc. The struggles which lie ahead for them may be age related since they are all over 70 now.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. I’ve never particularly been an ABBA fan but as daily listener to a radio station that plays old music, I’ve come to realise how good their back catalogue is – 9 UK #1s doesn’t argue with that.

    I remember they began to come back into the public conscience in the early 90s with ABBA Gold, Erasure doing a cover EP and then the Aussie film Muriel’s Wedding featuring their tracks prominently. That’s a great film.

    The new tracks sound decent enough.

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