2017 – planetary aspects in play

A quick run-down on the planetary aspects and positions in 2017.

Two out of the outer planets shift sign. Jupiter is in Libra until October, and then in Scorpio for a year thereafter. Saturn finishes its three-year stint in Sagittarius this year, moving into Capricorn on the 21st December to hang around until 2020.

The Solar Eclipses (see previous post) are in early Pisces in February and late Leo in August; the Lunar Eclipses are in Leo in February and Aquarius in August.

Venus is around in Aries longer than usual – Feb, March and May.

There will still be faint ripples from Uranus square Pluto. It is pulling apart but will it hard aspect the Sun, Mars and other planets in fairly quick succession during certain months so will be felt. What will help (some of the time) is Jupiter in Libra also in aspect, which can bring a ray of sunshine, though can also lead to over-confidence, brash behaviour, conflicts etc. In January, April, July and October the Sun picks up Uranus Pluto. Mars does the same in February, July and late November/December.

July looks an especially stressed month with Mars in hard aspect to Pluto and Uranus, as well as the Sun to Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto. Late November and December also look fraught as Mars in Libra picks up Pluto, then Uranus and the Sun around this time meets Saturn for the first time in Capricorn, which will put a damper on festivities.

Saturn does trine Uranus in May which could bring beneficial and constructive changes. And Jupiter will be much in evidence which at a personal level should bring good news, but out in the world maybe the other sort, since it tends to be disaster-prone or induce over-pushy actions.

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