Boris and the EU merry-go-round

Heartened by Merkel’s seeming softening about finding a Brexit deal, a jubilant Boris Johnson ran into an immoveable Macron. The pro-Brexit media got over excited and the Germans then insisted they misinterpreted what the German Chancellor had said. 30 days to find a solution just kicks the ball down the road and it’s up to Boris to find the magic formula which has so far eluded everyone. The EU isn’t budging from the Irish backstop or the already negotiated Theresa May deal. The eternal grind goes on.

Boris’s relationship with Leo Varadkar, the Irish premier situated in the centre of the problem, is bad news from the start with a differing-agenda composite Sun opposition Uranus and a bitterly hostile, power-struggling Mars opposition Pluto in their relationship chart. They’d never get on even in the best of circumstances. At the moment relations are worsening considerably with tr Saturn square the composite Sun and Uranus September 9th to 28, running concurrently with a loss-making tr Neptune opposition the composite Jupiter/Saturn; and moving into disaster territory from   October 19th to November 15th this year with tr Uranus square Mars/Saturn and opposition Saturn/Pluto, repeating early in 2020.

Boris’s relationship with Merkel is decidedly lacking in enthusiasm and optimism through this October and worsening in November, more so in 2020. With Macron, there’s even less trust and more game playing with a composite Saturn opposition Neptune and a controlling Sun opposition Pluto. Again 2020 looks even trickier than this year between them.

Boris’s relationship with the EU has always been fraught given his history of lying copiously and shamelessly during his time as a journalist – and the resentful, implacably-at-odds composite Mars opposition Pluto is being elbowed at the moment, more so mid November onwards so aggravation is likely to increase.

The UK from the get-go was very much in two minds about whether Boris is a good thing – and more so at the moment. In the Boris/UK relationship chart the composite Mars trine Uranus Mercury is being assaulted from either end by a transiting Pluto trine and a Neptune opposition – which will arouse irritation, anxiety and bring disappointment – from late September onwards with tr Neptune hovering around and that extends into and through 2020.

His own personal chart looks flummoxed throughout with a scattering of Neptune transiting hard aspects to various midpoints from now till early 2020; and the trapped and enraged Pluto opposition his Mars/Pluto returns mid this November to mid December. His over-hopeful Term chart looks no more uplifting now and through 2020 with catastrophes looming from mid November for a few weeks and returning in February.

I can’t for the life of me decide whether all of the above suggests a fall-out on October 31st with disappointment and confusion following; or there’s a cobbled-together form of words that drags it on for another extended period of negotiation. The punishment of Sisyphus – goes on eternally.

The UK chart has tr Saturn square the partnership-signifier Sun/Moon midpoint this October at the same time as being square the 7th house North Node, which could suggest similar; and then proceeds to square the 10th house Moon this December. It all points to a separation of sorts. But since Saturn comes round relatively frequently in hard aspect to these planets it’s hardly conclusive.

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  1. And just thinking that the EU, comprised of 28 Nations, has just over 1000 Commissars (Unelected Civil Servants) between them whilst the UK has over 400,000 thousand unelected Civil Servants (where are they all employed? More so what are they getting up to?)

    Boris Johnston whilst playing his lying games as a journalist, many years ago, was doing his utmost to turn everyone against the EU has now found himself in the driving seat. Get out of that one Boris.

  2. Thanks Marjorie.
    One reflection is that the previous times with Saturn in this area are quite interesting.
    1990 the year before Thatcher’s political demise. 1961-2 the year before Macmillan’s government and authority crumbled, 1932 post war settlement and certainties about to crumble. 1902 Lord Salisbury retires just before the end of conservative rule of 20 years. 1872 just before the end of the liberal hegemony of 20 years
    So this presages a change – a generational change perhaps. Perhaps we have it already in Boris but he does not seem new just shouty

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