Melania Trump – not her easiest year



Melania Trump is in hospital having undergone surgery for what the White House describe as a benign kidney condition.

She does look fairly stressed this year though living in the DC goldfish bowl with scandals swirling that’s hardly surprising. She does have tr Uranus square her Mars/Pluto midpoint exactly now which is a considerable challenge and scary, repeating on and off into 2019 – though there could be other reasons for it when it returns. Oddly enough she also has tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter which normally provides a welcome break. Though since her Jupiter is tied into her Sun, it may have a jolting effect as well. Her Moon may be in early Capricorn with her Progressed Moon in Libra, which tr Saturn is hard-aspecting this year. The Moon can be about the body as well as home and family life. Plus she has a really tough Solar Arc Pluto opposition her Saturn in Taurus. So life will feel it is weighing down on her for a variety of reasons. She should bounce more enthusiastically in September and October.


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  1. She is still in the hospital for this benign kidney procedure. Perhaps she is enjoying the vacation away from “him”.

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