Umberto Eco – a towering intellect

Best known for The Name of a Rose, made into a film starring Sean Connery, Umberto Eco was a modern Renaissance man, an Italian philosopher, literary critic, novelist and essayist. His novels are not for the faint hearted combining semiotics, mediaeval history and literary theory. He said his greatest influences came from Jorge Luis Borge and James Joyce.

Born 5 January 1932 in Alessandria, Italy, he had a powerful Cardinal T Square of Pluto opposition a Capricorn Sun Mars Saturn square Uranus – so a tough early life, but born with the formidably determined Saturn Pluto of the early thirties squaring onto an innovative Uranus which produced many successful individuals.

He also had an inspirational Fire Grand Trine of a 5th house Moon North Node in Sagittarius trine Uranus MC trine Jupiter in Leo – so not short of confidence, and revelling in public attention. He died on 19th February 2016.

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