The Trump entourage – sweet smiles and underlying aggro

If the unthinkable happens and Trump triumphs, then the new White House family will comprise as follows: 3rd wife Melania, 26 April 1970, so far very low profile.

Donald Jnr, 31 Dec 1977; Ivanka, 30 Oct 1981; Eric, 6 Jan 1984; Tiffany, 13 Oct 1993; Barron, 20 Mar 2006.

Melania is a Sun Saturn in Taurus which squares Donald’s Pluto; and Mercury Venus in Taurus which squares Donald’s Mars – not the most comfortable of matches though he swears they have never had an argument.

Their relationship chart is all over the place with a controlling/possessive composite Sun square Pluto; and a superficially harmonious Venus trine Jupiter. The composite Mars is under heavy strain from tr Pluto in opposition through from this month onwards till late 2017. Their wedding chart from 2005 is fairly grim.

The synastry and relationship charts of the children with their father show affection plus considerable strains and aggravations.

Ivanka, a Sun Scorpio and Moon in Sagittarius – has her Sun square DT’s Pluto; her Uranus square his Mars Asc and her Saturn conjunct his Jupiter; with her Jupiter Pluto square his Saturn. That translates in the relationship chart to a composite Sun Mercury Mars Saturn Uranus so not remotely easy.

Donald Jnr, a Sun Venus in Capricorn with a Virgo Moon, has his Mars exactly conjunct DT’s Pluto and his Saturn conjunct DT’s Mars Ascendant. The relationship chart has an unkind, evasive Mars Saturn square Neptune, as well as an upbeat Mars Jupiter conjunction.

Eric, a Sun Capricorn Moon in Aquarius, has his Sun in DT’s 5th with his Jupiter conjunct DT’s Moon which will help. There’s a friendly composite Sun opposition Venus; but also a Uranus Saturn Pluto and a bitter Mars Pluto. So a real mix.

Tiffany, a Sun Jupiter in Libra square Uranus Neptune in Capricorn with a Virgo Moon and Venus has a contradictory chemistry with DT. Her Sun Jupiter conjunct his Jupiter; her Moon Venus square his Sun and Moon. That’s all good. But her Uranus Neptune oppose his Saturn; and her Saturn squares his Mars and her Mars squares his Pluto. The relationship chart shows affection, disappointment and real aggravation.

Barron, a Sun Pisces or Aries and a Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius, has the same relationship chart as Tiff’s with affection and enthusiasm and an undertow of angst.

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