Steven Avery – Making a Murderer – Mars Pluto

Making a Murderer is a Netflix TV series which is garnering praise and attention. It features the wrongful imprisonment of a Wisconsin man, Steven Avery, for sexual assault for which he served 19 years; and his subsequent incarceration for murder, which latter conviction is now up for appeal. If he is innocent of the murder, he is one unlucky man.

Born 9 July 1962 he’s a Sun Cancer in a Water Grand Trine to Neptune in Scorpio and Jupiter in Pisces; with possibly an Air Grand Trine as well of Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius maybe trine a Libra Moon. His Pluto opposes Jupiter and squares Mars.

A Water Air chart is a difficult balancing act between feelings and rational thinking. But what is significant is the Mars square Pluto which can bring intense frustrations in life. It can also bring a ruthless streak but it just as often operates on the submissive side, bringing situations where the individual feels totally powerless. His Saturn opposes a Leo North Node, which is the same aspect though reversed of Dreyfus (see D post).

His Sun oddly enough is the same degree of Cancer as Amanda Knox, accused and acquitted of the murder of Meredith Kercher who also has a Mars square Pluto.

Avery has a tough couple of years ahead with tr Pluto opposing his Sun; and some disappointments this year with tr Neptune conjunct and tr Saturn square his Jupiter.

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