RayTomlinson – a game changer

Ray Tomlinson, who invented email and put the @ symbol on the map, has died. Born 23 May 1941, he was ‘fooling around’ when he first sent an email to a neighbouring computer forty five years ago and changed the way the world communicates.

He had a lucky, inspired Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus which was conjunct Saturn in Taurus on one side and a Gemini Sun on the other – all of them trine Neptune in Virgo. The Uranus Neptune trine is especially creative, giving rise to ‘eureka’ moments. It’s a largely Earth and Air chart so good at grounding ideas in the real world.

His leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17th Harmonic is strong with the North Node prominent which would tie him into the zeitgeist. His 11th Harmonic is also strong which is idealistic and imaginative with a powerfully aspected Mercury.

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