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  1. Dear Marjorie, Please could you do something on the Indian elections once the results come in. I don’t think they are going to announce the result until mid May. Thank you so much.

  2. I just want to say that the breadth of topics and people you cover relevant to world affairs is truly impressive. The quality of the content is A+. Just want to say Thank You for what you do! I always look forward to reading your insight. Cheers!

    • Thank you for this fabulous comment – I wholeheartedly agree! I am immensely thankful for Marjorie for tirelessly working at this daily must-read stop.

  3. Marjorie: Can you look at U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin? Under federal law, he must comply with the recent request from the House of Reps and allow the release of Trump’s tax returns. No surprise that he’s stonewalling. Will he have to cave and follow the law, or will he protect Trump come hell or high water? It would seem he’s between a rock and a hard place. If he doesn’t obey Trump, his head could be the next to roll. Your thoughts re Mnuchin and his prospects would be much appreciated.

    • It now seems that Herman Cain’s (13 December 1945, Memphis, TN) Fed board bid is in danger, CNBC is reporting.

      Previously, Stephen Moore (16 February 1960, Chicago or New Trier Township, IL) sparked concerns, too.

      Another interesting development, I thought, was the report from 31 March on Fox News that “Trump [is] ‘saving’ Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ginsburg”. Amy was born on 28 January 1972 in New Orleans, LA.

  4. Omar al-Bashir, Sudan’s longest serving president is currently facing challenges against his rulership by what appears to be overwhelmingly youthful mass protests. Many of the protests consist of young women and girls. One woman, standing before crowds in Khartoum to sing revolutionary songs has become a symbol for the protest movement in Sudan.

    What does his astrology and the astrology of Sudan have to say about the future of the country and it’s people? Many thanks.

  5. A very good read: The fate of ten people who told Trump “No”


  6. Hi Marjorie, I’m curious if you can see anything about article 50 being revoked from the time and date of when May sent in the letter to the EU?

    • Tr Pluto is now exactly square the Uranus – not sure what that means apart from a huge upheaval. Lord I’m soooo bored with Brexit and Trump – – what did we ever do to deserve either?

      • Trump has resurrected the FBI/coup theory. Anything to distract from showing his tax returns.

        “”This was an attempted coup. This was an attempted take-down of a president. And we beat them. We beat them.

        “So the Mueller report, when they talk about obstruction we fight back. And do you know why we fight back?

        “Because I knew how illegal this whole thing was. It was a scam.

        “What I’m most interested in is getting started, hopefully the attorney general, he mentioned it yesterday.

        “He’s doing a great job, getting started on going back to the origins of exactly where this all started.

        “Because this was an illegal witch hunt, and everybody knew it. And they knew it too. And they got caught. And what they did was treason.””

        Something is very wrong with this man…

    • I would not get your hopes up too high.

      Marjorie has covered these charts earlier (

      I have used a slightly different chart. Rather than using the letter signing time that Marjorie has used, I used the time the letter was handed over to Donald Tusk in Brussels (29th March 2017, 12:35PM Brussels time). And the chart is startling.

      Pluto is almost exactly on the Descendant. Given that it is exactly (within one degree) of the Descendant, it suggests one-sided intense relationships that change your life. But if the relationship is challenging, it suggests separation. Issues of power and control in relationships will need to be dealt with.

      Tr North Node is almost exactly conjunct the Ascendant of the chart, suggesting a tryst with destiny soon.

      Also interesting that Jupiter is exactly (to 10 minutes) square Pluto and also square the Ascendant/Descendant axis.

      There are two stelliums in the chart, in the ninth and tenth Houses (I use the Equal Houses system). Thus foreign affairs and government will be heavily affected.

    • Tonight, during a VOC Moon, a new leaving date of 31st October has been picked – which is when Mercury next stations. You couldn’t make it up.

  7. Can you do an update on Turmp’s Stephen Miller – who seems to be very active pushing people out of the WH deemed not tough enough

  8. “Trump says DHS Secretary Nielsen leaving”


    Only she didn’t know she was leaving until his tweet, announcing her vacancy. He’s looking for “someone tougher”. How much tougher than to separate families and be unable to re-unite them?

    I searched your blog using her name. No hits. Was looking for planetary hints of her leaving.

  9. Marjorie,

    There’s been rumblings that controversial Republican Roy Moore might run again next year for the U.S. Senate in Alabama. I’m horrified by such a prospect.

    Democratic U.S. Senator Doug Jones (who was able to pull off an amazing victory over Roy Moore in 2017) is now considered the most vulnerable Democrat in the U.S. Senate.

    Astrologically, how Doug Jones look next year? Does it appear he’ll lose his seat (like many are already predicting) or are there any signs that Jones could be victorious again?

    Chris Romeo
    Jacksonville, Florida

    • I liked the design of the wheel and could never quite get Solar Fire or whatever the other one I tried was. Janus is much more straightforward to use.

      • It looks like an impressive piece of software and something design-wise more appropriate to the current age than the other ones (though it, too, could do with a tiny little bit of design brush-up, but not as much as the rest). I hope they keep improving it and adding features. I also went on to find your testimonial on their Web site – so glad you love it and enjoy it.

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