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  1. I’m curious about the relationship between Kellyanne Conway and her husband George Conway. They seem to be increasing contradicting each other in public over Trump. George clearly hates Trump and keeps and calling out lies beings said by Kellyanne and others to support Trump. Its very odd. Makes me wonder what could their relationship could be like? Are they on the verge of separation, or is one of them just doing a ‘pantomime’ for the public, so they secretly agree on Trump behind the scenes?

  2. Marjorie,

    I like Tulsi Gabbard born 12th April 1981, American Samoa very much as a US Democratic candidate. She is smart, a Veteran, Independent minded. She toured around Syria pretty much on her own, saw the chaos and destruction for herself, and has some trenchant observations regards US policy there. Straight, ballsy, credible as far as I can see, does she have a chance as candidate, can she win the top job?

    • Tulsi Gabbard has a ZERO CHANCE of winning the primaries in 2020. I can almost guarantee it. Gabbard did nothing but criticize President Barack Obama (which is a big no-no – President Obama is very well loved and highly respected here in Florida [especially among African-American and Afro-Caribbean voters] as well as in the rest of the South. As a minority myself, I happen to know Tulsi Gabbard is despised by many voters of Color because of her constant criticism of Obama and Hillary Clinton (I like I said, Obama and Hillary are still well loved by minorities in this part of the country). So, Gabbard will not win the minority vote (which she would need to get the nomination.)

      Even though I live in Florida (I have been for many, many years), I’m originally from Hawaiʻi (I’m originally from Mākaha Valley, O‘ahu to be exact) and I still keep in contact with friends still living there. They tell me Gabbard isn’t even all that popular in Hawaiʻi either because she used to be a Republican and she spends more time bashing the Democratic Party than staying focused on what she was elected to do. Of course, they still voted for her this year for Congress because she didn’t have a primary challenger.

      Tulsi Gabbard is mostly popular with White Libertarians and with White male conspiracy theorists – fortunately, neither of those demographics have the power to elect her.

      • Interesting fact: The mega senior community of The Villages in Florida has a newspaper, and the editor said there was two things he was not allowed to report. Anything good about Obama, and the sink hole problem in the Villages. (Smithsonian Magazine)

  3. Prediction: Cohen will get millions for a tell-all book about his long relationship with Trump. Three years in the slammer? A mere hiccup when all is said and done.

  4. Stormie Daniels was ordered by a federal judge to pay lotsa damages to Drompf in the so-called sex scandal. The blog post you have suggests a lot of ups and downs still to come, thru 2020. Trump will release an onslaught of tweets the likes that even little Rocket Man has not known. Therein will be Trump’s demise, going overboard in excess, spilling the beans. Thoughts?

  5. Hi Marjorie – don’t know if this is possible to do but……forecasts for freight problems and delays at Dover when (if!) Brexit takes place have started rumours that the port of Hull could be used instead. Is there anything in the charts for the city that would indicate this and bring some much needed commerce and jobs to the area?

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