Pope Francis versus the Old Guard – Vatican turf war

Efforts by Pope Francis to reform the mismanaged, greedy and corrupt Vatican bureaucracy may be helped rather than hindered by the leaking of documents to the author of two new books. One is called The Merchants of the Temple and the other simply Avarice. He faces stiff resistance from the old guard to his reform agenda, which was supposedly what led his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI to take the unthinkable step of resigning.

Francis’ Election chart, 13 March 2013 7.06pm Rome, always did look divisive with Uranus in the 7th conjunct Mars in Aries square a mutinous 4th house Pluto. That looks set for a jolt come late 2016 when Solar Arc Uranus closes the square to Pluto. There’s also a strained Yod of a 2nd house Saturn in Scorpio inconjunct Jupiter sextile Uranus which makes sense.

That chart also has tr Pluto square the 7th house Moon from early 2016 for two years which will heighten emotions considerably.

His relationship chart with the Vatican has the composite Moon under pressure this month with tr Pluto square; and more serious upheavals from spring 2016 as tr Uranus squares Pluto and is conjunct the composite Uranus. That relationship chart has Neptune Mars in the 2nd opposition Jupiter Venus Sun in the 8th – so finances were always going to be the key factor in the relationship. Though whether he’ll win or not is questionable against vested interested.

His own personal chart, 17 Dec 1936 9pm Buenos Aires, has a disruptive, shocking (sometimes literally) tr Uranus opposition Mars; and then a dreary, tough slog tr Pluto sextile Saturn in 2016/17. With a dead-halt Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Mars in 2017. He is getting on in years and has said he’ll resign when he feels he can’t do anymore. The next two to three years will certainly test that thought.

The Vatican chart has tr Uranus square Pluto now and then tr Pluto opposition Pluto in 2016/17 – which suggests forced changes against heavy resistance. With a discouraging tr Saturn opposition the Gemini New Moon through 2016; and a Saturn Return in 2017 which is always face-reality time.

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