Pope Francis – loved outside, vilified within



Pope Francis, now 81, is approaching a fraught time in his papacy. On his election chart, 13 March 2013 7.05pm Rome, tr Saturn is about to square the Mars in early January for one setback and then square the 7th house divisive Uranus on and off throughout 2018. With the Solar Arc Pluto squaring the 7th house Moon, exact in 8 months’ time, which might suggest high emotional tensions with his close colleagues and indeed public.

Many of his much-vaunted reforms within the Vatican – financial, bureaucratic and the child abuse inquiry – have stalled, because of the resistance of conservative senior clerics who appear to be waging a bitter war against him. He is much loved outside amongst his 1 billion followers for his humility, and vilified within, some believing he is veering towards heresy with his views on marriage for the divorced etc.

His personal chart, 17 December 1936 9pm Buenos Aires, shows him up against huge obstacles and hostility in 2017/18 with tr Pluto square his Mars; tr Uranus has also been rocking him on his axis in square to his Pluto in 2017 continuing through 2018. With an even sharper change of direction come mid May 2018 onwards into 2019 as tr Uranus is conjunct his midheaven, moving on to make a Uranus Return in 2019. I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if he followed Benedict’s path and resigned at some point. He looks disheartened by all the arguments and lack of support.

He was always going to be a difficult fit with the Vatican, 7 June 1920 11am, since his hope-for-a-better-society Saturn opposition Neptune squares onto the Vatican New Moon in Gemini; and the Vatican’s rigid and self-righteous Saturn in Sagittarius is conjunct his Sun. The Vatican chart itself looks demoralised at the moment and more so in 2018/2019 as tr Neptune squares the Moon and then Sun.

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  1. Pope Francis is that ray of light during these dark crazy times, he gives us hope for a better world for all people. I’m not Catholic, but Pope Francis is rare gift, who puts people above power, like Princess Diana. The Catholic Church will have a hard time replacing someone who’s irreplaceable.

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