Mother Teresa – cold compassion

Mother Teresa is being fast-tracked to sainthood because of miraculous cures. Although she became a worldwide icon for compassion, there were also dissenting voices. She believed that suffering was a gift and despite the $100 million she raised, the inmates in her homes were not given medical care which could have saved their lives and often not given adequate food. She thought they died ‘beautifully’, accepting of their lot.
A good deal of the money raised came from quite dubious donors and only 5 to 7% of that was ever used to cater for the poor. She was also against abortion and contraception.

Born 26 August 1910 2.25pm (?) Skopje, Macedonia, she was a Sun Virgo trine Saturn in Taurus, sextile Pluto – so hard-working and tough. She also had Mars in Virgo trine Moon and North Node in Taurus trine Uranus in Capricorn; with Uranus opposition Neptune. A very earthy and angry Grand Trine, focused onto spiritual Neptune as the driving planet.

Her Neptune opposition Uranus also squared onto Jupiter in Libra – giving her an aura of fair-minded idealism. Though Neptune Uranus can also carry a hint of fanaticism.

In many ways it is a hard chart and an emphasised Neptune can be cold, putting the purity of the vision before human comfort.

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