Mitt Romney – a weather vane for 2020



Mitt Romney, former Republican presidential candidate against Obama in 2012 and about to be Utah senator, has written a scathing op-ed about Trump and his inability to rise to the mantle of the office. “A president should demonstrate the essential qualities of honesty and integrity, and elevate the national discourse with comity and mutual respect. … And it is in this province where the incumbent’s shortfall has been most glaring,” he wrote.

Which has given rise to the thought that Romney might pitch himself in again for the Republican 2020 candidacy instead of Trump (or replacing him if he disappears in a puff of smoke).

What is intriguing is how upbeat Romney’s chart looks over the election and inauguration. It doesn’t mean he’ll stand or win but he surely looks in good spirits over the Inauguration.

Born 12 March 1947 9.51am Detroit, Michigan, he’s a Sun Pisces trine Moon Jupiter in Scorpio and square Uranus – confident, intuitive, innovative. Though he’s also cool with three planets including Venus in Aquarius in Air signs, and he has a stubborn Saturn Pluto in Leo.

In January 2021 tr Pluto will conjunct his Sun/Jupiter midpoint as it has been doing on and off since early 2020 which is mega-successful. Tr Jupiter will be conjunct his midheaven at the Inauguration as well as conjunct his 10th house good-for-PR Venus. And between the election and the inauguration he has the in-luck tr Uranus trine his Jupiter/Uranus. Even if it isn’t him for the WH hotseat it looks less likely that it’ll be Trump, given Romney’s good humour.

His relationship with Trump looks rattled till mid February 2019 and is jolting and jangling thereafter. With major upheavals in 2020.

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  1. “What is intriguing is how upbeat Romney’s chart looks over the election and inauguration. It doesn’t mean he’ll stand or win but he surely looks in good spirits over the Inauguration.”

    Let’s not forget Ronna McDaniel, who is currently chairing RNC, the entity deciding the nomination, is Mitt Romney’s niece. While she seemingly defended Trump, and Trump – or, as I suspect, an aide – seemingly praised her for it, there is no way she will ultimately side with him if it comes to chosing between the two. Romneys are Mormons, and what ever one thinks about their beliefs, they really are amazingly family oriented, I suppose thanks to their escatological doctrine. Mormons are also large Republican caucus generally speaking most critical of Trump’s behavior and policies, with up to 70-80 per cent of them supporting primarying him in 2020. The number is even higher among Mormon women.

  2. Based on Hugh’s comments on Tecumeh’s curse, perhaps Romney will be Trump’s running mate in 2021 and Tecumeh’s curse will come true, explaining Romney’s good humour in that period.

    As an aside, Marjorie, could there be an astrological basis for Tecumeh’s curse? Perhaps an astrological event that occurs every 20 years interacting with the US First President’s chart?

    • Synastry aside, it’s clear by now Trump has NPD would never, ever choose someone who could overshadow him just for a moment as a running mate.

  3. The 2020 election coincides with the Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction
    and it’s 20-year death cycle of US Presidents does it not?Ms. Orr?

    • The inauguration chart for 20 January 2021 will have Mars and Uranus almost exactly conjunct at 6° Taurus squaring Saturn and Jupiter in early Aquarius. Marjorie did a post on this topic back in July 2018.

  4. Does not Tecumseh’s curse await any President elected in 2020 ?

    That said Reagan and G W Bush survived.

    Whether that was a good thing I will let others decide

      • Supposedly uttered by Tecsumehs brother the Shawnee prophet Tenskwatawa after their Indian Confederation lost the Battle of Tippecanoe to US forces led by William Henry Harrison on 7 November 1811. The curse is said to effect every President elected in a year divisible by 20 who is doomed to die in office. In fact that held true until 1980 when Reagan was elected. Like most such curses it is probably a post fact rationalisation as the story seems to have first appeared in 1931. Nonetheless Roosevelt and Kennedy succombed after that date. As for William Henry Harrison he ran for President in 1840 under the slogan ‘Tippecanoe and Tyler Too’. He was duly elected and inaugurated on March 4 1841. He made a long boring speech on that day in the cold and rain, caught a chill and duly expired on April 4 1841 thereby serving the shortest term as President in US history. So maybe Tecumseh did have his revenge

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