Lulu – Mars Saturn Pluto – PTSD

Scottish singer Lulu, who has had a long and successful career, is making a charity single. She has revealed that a childhood, living with her parents’ violent relationship caused her to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder so she has sympathy for other sufferers who will benefit from the profits of the single. She says: “There was a lot of violence. My mum and father hammered each other nightly. And I was the eldest. I never slept properly. I was afraid my parents would accidentally kill each other. So that fear has ruled my whole life.“

Born 3 November 1948 1.30am Lennoxtown, Scotland, she has a quick-witted 3rd house Sun in Scorpio square a 12th house Pluto. In her 4th house of home and family she has a Moon Mars in Sagittarius conjunct and also Jupiter in Sagittarius. Her Moon Mars is square Saturn; and her Mars trines Pluto.

The anger in her childhood home is clear from an afflicted Mars in aspect to both Saturn and Pluto – Mars Saturn is cruel, bad tempered and Mars Pluto is ruthless, violent. But there was obviously love there as well with Moon Jupiter in the 4th.

Her Mars trine Pluto sextiles onto Neptune in the 2nd so she channeled her fears into a creative, musical career which earned her money.

Her optimistic Jupiter in Sagittarius is in an adventurous opposition to Uranus squaring onto creative and charming Venus in peacemaking Libra.

Tr Saturn is now across her IC into her 2nd quadrant pushing her into a higher profile role than she has had in recent times. That plus tr Pluto moving into her performing 5th for many years ahead will make her more visible.

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