Luiz Lula and Brazil – high hopes hit the skids

Luiz Lula, one of the most popular presidents of all time in his term as President of Brazil from 2003 to 2011, now faces the possibility of months behind bars awaiting trial on corruption charges. He could be saved by his nominated successor, President Dilma Rousseff, who has overseen Brazils’ recent catastrophic economic downturn. But whatever the outcome, there’s likely to be widespread demonstrations, some even talk of a looming civil war. His supporters claim the charges are politically motivated by the wealthy elite who dislike his left wing policies and fear his possible return in 2018 at the next election.

Neither the Brazil 7 Sept 1822 4.30pm; or 15 Nov 1889 chart looks cheerful in the next few years. The 1822 has a 14 degree Virgo Sun which has the crisis-inducing Eclipses of 2015/16 bouncing off it.  Plus this year tr Saturn square and next year tr Neptune opposition; with a Solar Arc Sun conjunct Pluto in 2017 as well.  So high anxiety, paranoia, setbacks; with tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting on the Gemini MC this year as well, sapping motivation and will power.

The 1889 chart has a disruptive tr Uranus opposition Uranus from mid this year, on and off for 12 months. 2017 looks worse with Solar Arc Uranus opposition Saturn and square Neptune; plus Solar Arc Sun opposition Mars  – that’s confusion, disappointment, high tension and anger.

Luiz Lula, 27 Oct 1945, had a tough, poor upbringing with an absent alcoholic father. He has a very stark chart with a Scorpio Sun square Pluto and square Moon Mars Saturn in late Cancer so pretty descriptive. What probably saved him from a downward spiral is Jupiter Venus Neptune in Libra trine his Uranus, sextile Pluto – so he’s got a positive-thinking, optimistic, adventurous streak.

He’s got one moment of cheer this year in June; but otherwise it all looks panicky, undermining and very risky ahead especially in 2017.  Mind you he did have cancer of the throat in 2011 from which he says he has recovered so there may be health issues.


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