John Caudwell – putting his money to good use

Self-made billionaire John Caudwell, philanthropist and co-founder of Phone 4U, a mobile phone retailer, has said that 11 members of his family are suffering from the potentially crippling Lyme’s Disease. Medical wisdom says only ticks can spark off the ailment but his experience appears to show there may be other ways of contracting it. He says there may be a link to other devastating conditions including multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and myalgic encephalopathy (ME, or chronic fatigue syndrome).

What’s intriguing is that he was born on the same day as Vladimir Putin, 7 October 1952. His father died when he was a teenager, so he left school without A levels, worked for Michelin and then moved into retail. He’s got the Libra Sun Saturn Neptune Mercury conjunction square Uranus in Cancer; and the ultra-determined Mars in crusading Sagittarius trine Pluto. Pluto in turn is opposition his North Node in Aquarius square Jupiter so not short of confidence or luck.

Clearly he’s turned his talents in a different direction to Putin’s but he’s got the same trajectory from a standing start up to great heights. His Aquarius Node will give him a passion for a cause which he’s now focused on wakening up governments about the prevalence and lack of sensible diagnosis/treatment for Lymes’ Disease.

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