James McAvoy – a talent for deranged roles

Scottish actor James McAvoy is on a career roll, with his latest movie out, Victor Frankenstein, a camp update of Mary Shelley’s classic, also starring Daniel Radcliffe. He’s also been in The Last King of Scotland, Wanted opposite Angelina Jolie, X-Men, Filth.
Though his best work is on stage with Macbeth (2013) and The Ruling Class (2015) which won him the Evening Standard Theatre award for best actor.

Born 21 April 1979 5.25pm Glasgow, he was brought up by his grandparents from 7, his parents having divorced and his mother was ill. Not surprisingly his Taurus Sun is in the 8th (grandparents) square Jupiter in Leo, trine a 12th house Saturn in Virgo. So intense, at times down and at others flying high.
He has Mars in Aries in his 7th opposition Pluto so he is able to play aggressive, ruthless and slightly deranged characters. The Mars Pluto would also involve hostility to his father whom he hasn’t spoken to since childhood. His Aquarius Moon is in the performing 5th square Uranus, again a hint of his ruptured childhood.

He’s got a long career ahead on the Saturn cycle with another 23 years of onwards and upwards.

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