Ireland Election – neck and neck tho’ Kenny upbeat in the aftermath

The result of the Ireland election, still to be finalised, looks like being almost a dead heat between the two main parties with Sinn Fein getting their best ever result in fourth place. Counting won’t finish until tomorrow at the earliest.

Despite acknowledging that the recent coalition will not continue, Enda Kenny, the present leader, 24 April 1951, looks fairly upbeat once the dust settles into March.  He has a catastrophe-ridden tr Uranus square Mars/Pluto now but that disappears by March 14th, by which time (from March 6th) tr Pluto will be in a pushily confident square to his Sun/Jupiter midpoint; with tr Uranus conjunct his Mars/Jupiter from April 2nd which will bring him luck and relief from tension. After mid March also he loses the undermining tr Neptune square Jupiter/Pluto. So there may be extended wrangling.

Micheal Martin, the Opposition leader, has an upbeat tr Pluto square Sun/Jupiter but that disappears after March 5th; by which time he picks up the highly frustrating and enraging tr Pluto opposition Mars/Pluto.

Gerry Adams, the Sinn Fein leader, 6 Oct 1948, looks to be making progress this year with tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter/Pluto from mid March onwards. He has a few downers; but by 2017 he looks quietly confident and will be gaining ground.

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