Narendra Modi – afflicted Mars in Scorpio – more hatred

The Guardian isn’t pulling its punches about the visit of India PM Narendra Modi to the UK.

‘This week the Indian prime minister makes a triumphant visit to the UK after cosying up to everyone from Silicon Valley CEOs to Rupert Murdoch. What’s behind the uncritical embrace of a man who has presided over a rising tide of assassinations and religious zealotry, and driven the country’s writers and artists into revolt?’

During his term, 26 May 2014 6.13pm New Delhi, Hindu supremacists have been emboldened to attack activists, scholars, secular intellectuals and “westernised” women as well as public figures with Muslim and Christian names. Several influential Indians have spoken out against the rising tide of sectarian hatred. Though there are signs the electorate is tiring of him with defeats in a recent regional poll.

He’s certainly got an aggressive chart with a vengeful Mars in Scorpio on the focal point of a wide opposition of Pluto to Jupiter in Aquarius; with a Virgo Sun Saturn Mercury sextile Mars as well. So not one to hold back.

There are evidently two birth times for him, one with a Libra Asc and the 11am Mehsana, India giving him a Scorpio Ascendant conjunct Mars which feels about right. Either will give him tr Saturn moving through his 1st quadrant which usually not a time of great success and he has the tr Saturn square tr Neptune denting his popularity further as it crashes into his (maybe) 10th house Venus in December and early 2016.

His term chart is fairly similar to that of Al Sisi of Egypt, coming as it did only two weeks earlier, with the Cardinal Grand Cross of Mars opposition Uranus square Pluto opposition Jupiter – so explosive, ruthless, confident and faced with rolling crises.

Though the axis is different and in Modi’s case there is also an unhelpful Sun square Neptune. That latter is getting a reality-check in November from tr Saturn. Then from this New Year tr Pluto will start to square the Uranus for two years which could destabilise him. Plus Solar Arc Pluto exactly square Uranus in 9 months times so the run up to that will add to the wobbles which might see him off his perch altogether.

His personal chart is not dissimilar to Al Sisi who has a Scorpio Sun on the point of a T Square to Pluto opposition Mars.

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