Forth Road Bridge – old lady creaking

The Forth Road Bridge in Scotland is to be closed due to structural defects at least till the New Year which could cost the economy around £50 million due to higher transport costs as haulage vehicles and business traffic have to take the long route round.
When it was opened on 4 September 1965 it was the fourth biggest suspension bridge in the world and the longest outside the USA. There have been corrosion and cable problems in recent times. A replacement crossing is due to open late 2016 to take the heavier traffic off its elderly shoulders.
The Opening chart has Solar Arc Mars conjunct Pluto now which is paralysis; and an undermining tr Neptune opposing Uranus and Sun in 2016; plus an accident-prone tr Uranus square Mars from late May next year. So it may be hard pushed to stay open until the new one appears.

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