Elijah Cummings – catalyst and conscience for the USA


(John Lewis)

Elijah Cummings, a Democratic congressman widely respected on both sides of the house despite his criticism of Trump has died suddenly of long-standing health problems. He was a leading figure in the Trump-Ukraine impeachment inquiry and had a long career in Maryland politics and civil rights activism before winning a congressional seat in 1996.

He was born 18 January 1951 in Baltimore, Maryland, with sharecropper parents. In school, a counsellor early on told him he was too slow to learn and spoke poorly, and he would never fulfil his dream of becoming a lawyer. “I was devastated,” he said. “My whole life changed. I became very determined”. He graduated from school with honours, went to college and subsequently took a law degree.

He was a late Sun Capricorn; with a focal point, executive-ability Saturn in fair-minded Libra which squared onto a sharp-witted and outspoken Mercury in Capricorn opposition Uranus. He also had a do-or-die determined Mars in uncompromising Aquarius opposition Pluto. He would face many frustrations and setbacks in his life with a tough Saturn and trapped Mars Pluto but he rose about the challenges and kept on going.

He did not get on with Trump which was unsurprising and obvious with a hostile-dislike composite Mars (conjunct Algol) square Saturn; and a suspicious composite Sun opposition Neptune.

But his Sun was exactly conjunct the USA Pluto making him a key figure for the country through his efforts to change it for the better – against resistance. The relationship chart between himself and the USA had a passionately enthusiastic composite Sun Venus Mars (maybe New Moon) and a confident Jupiter Pluto. More’s the pity he’s the one who went.

7 thoughts on “Elijah Cummings – catalyst and conscience for the USA

  1. I don’t know if mistaking John Lewis for Cummings is racist. Bald men, especially without facial hair, do tend to resemble each other, whether they are white, black or brown.

    • I recognize that not all people are equally good at facial recognition. I even know some people who have a prosopagnosia – they simply do not “register” faces (they usually are very frank about it, too, because they don’t want to be considered rude). But photo editors, who have talent and training for facial recognition, constantly mislabeling Cummings and Lewis photos after decades is just unacceptable as anything but racism.

  2. Signing subpoenas on one’s deathbed to stop a lawless individual must be the most Mars in Aquarius oppose Pluto thing ever. It must be noted that Cummings’ Mars is also opposing Trump’s Mars/Ascendant. Synastry wise, they were natural enemies.

    Otherwise, I knew Cummings was incredibly respected and loved. John Lewis, who he was often mistaken for by racists (hello, how many white guys with bad hairpieces are there within Republican party?), was a friend. He introduced Barack Obama at a rally in Baltimore, and Obama considered him a friend. And he officiated the wedding of “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough, a former Republican Congressman, and Mika Brzezinski, daughter of an adviser to Lyndon B. Johnson and Jimmy Carter. Having lost a friend (actually a late Aquarius Sun, I think 25 degrees, and there was more Aqua) who was similarly well loved and kept her health concerns very private within 24 hours from Cummings’ passing, I guess this is what bothered Trump the most. He will never earn this kind of respect from his peers.

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