Donald Trump – making ladies mad

Donald Trump continues to soar in the polls, which might make one question the value of democracy. Nothing he says or does appears to dent his popularity. He’s been slating Hillary’s personal life saying he has no secrets.

Cue a documentary out tonight in the UK – The Mad World of Donald – which, amongst other things, airs the claims that he ‘violated’ his former wife Ivana on one occasion. When this appeared in print last year his spokesman said (I paraphrase) ‘it never happened and anyway by definition you can’t rape your spouse.’ Ivana backtracked the claim made during the divorce to an ‘emotional violation.’

The documentary will also include UK television presenter Selina Scott, who upset Trump when she fronted a TV profile on him, questioning some of his business dealings. She claims that his behavior changed when he realised he couldn’t control her and he became ‘extremely abusive’ and ‘pathetic’ and he bombarded her with letters.

Ivana Trump, 20 Feb 1949, is a Sun Mars in Pisces opposition Saturn in Virgo so used to gritting her teeth and getting on through difficulties. That opposition falls exactly across Trumps Descendant/Ascendant with her Saturn conjunct his Mars in Leo – so there would be sparky arguments.

He certainly has a terrible relationship chart with his daughter Ivanka from that marriage, 30 Oct 1981 – a composite Sun Mars Saturn Uranus conjunction and that is hair-raising.

Selina Scott, 13 May 1951, would certainly fall outside his comfort zone, since despite her sophisticated charm she’s quite a toughie – a Sun Mars in Taurus square Pluto. Her Sun Mars are conjunct his MC so definitely competitive. And her Saturn in Virgo squares his Gemini Sun so not a match made in heaven.

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