Brexit – Cameron looking upbeat come June 23

David Cameron has returned from a punishing negotiation in Brussels claiming victory and a special status for the UK ahead, while the Brexit campaigners says it was a hollow deal only offering minor changes. Plus ca change in politics.

The UK IN/OUT EU referendum will now be held on 23rd June with the Neptune opposition Jupiter square Saturn in place which has a high worry, and nit-picking factor; plus a confident Jupiter trine Pluto.

David Cameron’s Govt chart, 8 May 2015 12.30pm, is looking confident and successful then with tr Jupiter trine Pluto and trine the Taurus Sun. His own personal chart has the lucky Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Uranus, not exact for some months but in effect; and tr Jupiter conjunct his Pluto Uranus through the aftermath in July – all of which looks like a boost.

The EU chart isn’t much help since it is sunk in catastrophes and setbacks all year. Losing the UK would be a blow but it pales in insignificance compared to the other gargantuan problems they are facing, the unstoppable flow of migrants being one.

The EU/UK relationship chart was under most strain two or three years back with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on the composite Sun. But apart from tr Saturn opposing the composite Moon and squaring Jupiter in late Oct/Nov there’s not much sign of a terminal separation.

The UK 1801 chart does have tr Uranus moving through the 7th square the 10th house Moon in the second half of next month (March) which could suggest a need for freedom in close relationships and a significant change. Tr Uranus will trine the 11th house Saturn at the Referendum which could suggest constitutional changes for the country. Plus tr Pluto squares the 7th house North Node and Sun/Moon midpoint this September/October which could point to strains in close relationships – which it would have to be said are not the UK’s forte.

But having said that, all in all, I’d doubt the UK would leave – from the astrology I mean.  Cameron’s charts look too chipper to fail at the moment..

3 thoughts on “Brexit – Cameron looking upbeat come June 23

  1. Cameron has a progressed full moon in Gemini/Sagittarius exact in September and a Chiron return exactly conjunction Saturn in Pisces in his natal chart. The Neptune effect in Pisces links into his midpoints and points to self-deception, undermining, diminishing power, delusional feelings et al. I cannot see how all these eroding mutable grand cross effects can sustain his premiership. Jupiter has an expanding effect also, highlighting his hypocrisy and the loss of respect of his colleagues. This has the effect of self-sabotage that even the mighty Jupiter cannot correct!

  2. I have been no has a Rodin AAA astrological chart for David Cameron!? Therefore it can’t be relied upon. Plus most other astrologers on the net are saying we will vote Leave.

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