Grace Jones – persistent lateness to boost an entrance

The larger and louder than life Grace Jones, Jamaican supermodel, singer and actress has produced her memoirs, in which she devotes a chapter to her resolute lateness for all appointments and even concerts.

Born 19 May 1948 she’s a Sun Taurus square Mars in Virgo – so feisty, stubborn, determined. She’s got an adventurous Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Uranus; Saturn Pluto in Leo square a Taurus North Node; and a surprisingly sensitive Moon Neptune in Libra square Venus in Cancer. Under that brash exterior is emotional vulnerability. She was brought up initially by religious grandparents and then moved as a teenager to join her parents in New York.

She evidently revels in keeping people waiting – power issues maybe from Saturn Pluto – and then getting more attention from a late entry.

Her Venus which should make her more sensitive to the needs of others has harsh midpoint aspects – conjunct a controlling Sun/Pluto and chilly Sun/Saturn as well as = a ruthless Mars/Pluto = not always kind Mars/Saturn; and a quarrelsome Mars/North Node.

Marlene Jobert & Eva Green – talented family

Marlene Jobert, is a French actress and author of children’s books and others on classical music. She was an Algeria-born pied-noir – 4 Nov 1940 6.15pm Algiers -came to France as a child, married a Swedish dentist and has twin daughters, one of them an actress – Eva Green.

She has a very earthy and Fixed chart with a hard-working 6th house Scorpio Sun opposition Jupiter Saturn in Taurus square a 4th house Pluto – so controlling, tough. She also has an Earth Grand Trine of Uranus in Taurus trine a 9th house Capricorn Moon trine a 5th house Neptune; with Uranus opposition Mercury in Scorpio. So practical, talented, a good communicator, creative, lives away from her country of birth (Moon in 9th).

She has Venus in Libra beside Neptune in her performing and child-loving 5th; with Mars in Libra in the 6th square her Moon. She’ll be volatile with that Moon Mars, argumentative at home; plus the emphasised 4th house Pluto making her not the easiest of people to live with.

Her actress daughter Eva Green made her debut with Bertolucci in The Dreamers in her early 20s and has worked constantly since including in Casino Royale. She was born 6 July 1980 (according to her website and Facebook) at 10.05 am in Paris.

She has a friendly 11th house Sun and Mercury in Cancer trine a 4th house Uranus sextiling onto Saturn in Virgo – so a changeable home life, with the emphasis on work. Her 9th house Aries Moon opposes Pluto and squares onto Mercury – so like her mother funnels a good deal of her energy into communication. Her Sun is also square Pluto – so she’d feel fairly controlled by both parents.

She has a charming 10th house Venus in Gemini opposition a 4th house Neptune square Saturn (Mars in 2nd) in Virgo – quite complicated dynamics around family, career and money.

She’ll live abroad (away from France) in her adult life and has a long career ahead of her. Her Sun is conjunct Sirius which promises fame and wealth, though not always happiness. And her Ascendant is conjunct Regulus which also indicates wealth and prominence.

Benjamin Clementine – another triple conjunction mould breaker

Benjamin Clementine has won the Mercury Prize 2015 for music with his debut album. Born in Ghana, 7 Dec 1988, he grew up in London, then left his family to sleep rough in Paris busking to eat before he made his first album. His vocal range has been compared to Nina Simone and his passionate vocal delivery to Edith Piaf.

He’s another of the triple conjunction generation of Saturn Uranus Neptune in Capricorn, like Adele and several of the Paris terrorists. It was always going to produce an individualistic set of people – chaotic, highly strung, with potential for fanaticism, and for some tinged with genius.
He has a Sun Mercury in Sagittarius trine Mars in Aries. Piaf – same Sagittarius Sun trine Mars in Leo. And an intense Venus Pluto Moon in Scorpio. His Mars is square Neptune Saturn Uranus – so quite volatile, suited to showbiz but used to a tough life and a rule-breaker.

His Pluto is trine a Pisces North Node, sextiling onto Neptune – so creative and musical.

Lady Colin Campbell – melodrama amongst the grubs

Celebrity Jungle has been shining the spotlight on Lady Colin Campbell, the arrogantly toffish loud-mouth who loves to shock. Born 17 August 1949 to a wealthy family in Jamaica, she had a birth defect which labelled her as a boy until she went for corrective surgery in her late teens. Her father was moody with a turbulent temper and her mother was narcissistic and cruel.

A brief early marriage gave her a title which she has hung onto. She’s written various books about the Royals, spilling the beans about Diana’s affairs and casting aspersions about the Queen Mother’s parentage amongst other titbits.

She is a Sun Pluto in Leo with Sun inconjunct Jupiter in Capricorn – a hint of grandiosity and snobbery in there. Her Moon is either late Taurus or Gemini; though more likely Gemini square Saturn in Virgo which would be the cold mother; with Mercury Venus also in Virgo. Plus an excitable, overly impulsive focal point Mars in Cancer in a showbiz square to Neptune opposition North Node in Aries.

Her chart is reasonably similar to Princess Anne’s, born a year later, with the Leo Sun Pluto and Saturn Mercury in Virgo.

She looks less certain than she appears at the moment with tr Neptune opposition her Saturn and tr Pluto square her Neptune. But tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint till late this month will bring her luck.
Her 2016 looks mixed with a lucky tr Uranus square Jupiter but also tr Pluto opposing her Mars which will be fraught.

Kamel Daoud – talented, brave and making a difference

Kamel Daoud is an Algerian journalist and novelist whose first novel The Meursault Investigations won the Prix Goncourt amongst others. He’s had a fatwa issued against him for his writings on Islam (see Saudi Arabia below).

Born 17 June 1970 in Algeria, he’s a Sun Gemini square Pluto, trine Jupiter in Libra; with Pluto in a tough trine to Saturn in Taurus; and a high-adrenaline Mars in Cancer square Uranus. So a mix of communicative, determined, fair-minded and used to risk.

He’s got creative quintiles linking Sun Venus and Pluto in his 5th Harmonic. His even more creative 7th Harmonic is exceptionally strong with two Grand Trines. His ‘obsessive dream’ 11th is also marked; as is his leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H.

He’s got a fairly tough 2016/17 ahead with tr Pluto trine his Saturn and into 2017 tr Saturn opposition his Sun and square his Pluto.

Saudi Arabia & Daesh/ISIL – not much difference

There’s an outspoken (and much-needed) piece in yesterday’s New York Times by Algerian novelist Kamel Daoud. It became their most emailed story, so the pressure is building on Saudi Arabia.

‘Black Daesh, white Daesh. The former slits throats, kills, stones, cuts off hands, destroys humanity’s common heritage and despises archaeology, women and non-Muslims. The latter is better dressed and neater but does the same things. The Islamic State; Saudi Arabia. In its struggle against terrorism, the West wages war on one, but shakes hands with the other. This is a mechanism of denial, and denial has a price: preserving the famous strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia at the risk of forgetting that the kingdom also relies on an alliance with a religious clergy that produces, legitimizes, spreads, preaches and defends Wahhabism, the ultra-puritanical form of Islam that Daesh feeds on.’

In military terms Saudi Arabia is training Syrian troops to combat ISIL and has suffered attacks within its own borders. But it still practices an extreme form of Islamism, this week condemning a Palestinian poet for apostasy (abandoning the Muslim faith). It also has the highest rate of executions, in the world, usually beheadings; one of only four countries that carries them out publicly.

The relationship chart between Saudi Arabia 1902/DAESH 2006 does show distinct signs of slump and separation with the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting on the composite Sun at 7 Sagittarius at the moment; and tr Saturn then continuing to conjunct the composite Mars Jupiter Mercury Venus in 2016/17; as well as tr Uranus conjunct the composite Neptune.

Which doesn’t mean that Saudi Arabia will abandon Wahhabism or move into the 21st Century. They may just regard Daesh/Isil as a troublesome neighbour but it may become more difficult for Western leaders to offer unconditional support to Saudi Arabia in return for stratospheric defence sales, if public pressure grows.

Further thought on Daesh/Isil: Next year their Uranus at 11 degrees Pisces will be hit by a tr Neptune conjunction and squared by tr Saturn; and critically will be triggered by the September Virgo Eclipse which falls closely opposition their Uranus squaring Mars in Sagittarius. That plus tr Uranus opposition their Sun Mars will be violent and exceedingly challenging.
Not that destroying them will be the answer to all woes since there is likely to be: 1) a vacuum in Syria and Iraq which will require a political strategy of a robust variety unseen in any previous Western interferences in Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya. 2) The disaffected who won’t be fighting in the Middle East will come back/or not leave to wreak havoc on Europe and elsewhere.

Adele – on a winning streak

As light relief and to ensure normal life continues:- singer Adele has a new album out, which is amazon’s most pre-ordered ever. Given that her last album sold 30 million it looks good for her.
Born 5 May 1988 2.02am London (astrotheme), she’s mouthy, talks constantly, swears a lot, jokes and has been written off by critics as singing boring music. She should care.
She has Sun Jupiter in the 3rd opposition Pluto square a 1st house Mars in Aquarius so quite a heavyweight personality, pushily-confident, uncompromising and determined to go her own way.
She’s also got the triple conjunction in Capricorn with Neptune trine her Sun Jupiter; and Saturn Uranus and a Sagittarius Moon all opposition Venus square a North Node in Pisces. Emotionally quite volatile. Her Venus is in the entertaining 5th.

Tr Saturn is now moving through her 10th so a peak for her, stretching on till 2020. With tr Jupiter moving through her 8th at the moment and on till late 2017 giving her business finances a boost.

Her first hit album when she was 20 came with tr Pluto conjunct her Uranus and then through what must have been dizzying and stressful success tr Pluto crossed her Saturn and more recently Neptune with tr Uranus pitching in as well. It can’t have been easy for her.

At the moment tr Pluto is trine her Jupiter and will continue off and on to trine her Sun till late 2016 – so very progressive for her.

Mali shootings – Mars Pluto Uranus

Another day another atrocity. This time in Mali, a former French colony in western Africa, where a breakaway Al-Quaeda group of terrorists held guests and staff hostage at a hotel favoured by westerners. 18 are reported dead so far, some of them gunmen after special forces stormed the hotel. French and US troops have recently been in the country helping to fight Islamist groups.

Mali gained independence on 20 August 1960 at 2 am GMT, capital Bamako. It has a fairly tough, unsettled chart with the Leo Sun conjunct Uranus on one side and conjunct Pluto on the other. With Pluto Venus in Virgo square Mars and trine Saturn in Capricorn.
Over the past two years tr Uranus square Pluto have been in hard aspect to the Mali Saturn though that is now past. The tr Saturn square tr Neptune have also been elbowing the Mali Pluto. The September Virgo Solar Eclipse was exactly conjunct the Mali IC, so a domestic crisis was indicated.

The attack started around 7am this morning in Bamako when Saturn was on the Ascendant square Neptune on the IC. Alongside the panic of that and perhaps more pertinently Mars in Libra, on the ingress on the day of the Paris shootings last Friday, is now moving towards the square to Pluto (Dec 6) and opposition to Uranus (Dec 11). The run up to this particular aspect is very accident prone, enraging and can be violent. And it often triggers early.

Donald Sutherland – 50 year career and more

Actor Donald Sutherland is still going strong at 80 after a hugely varied and successful film and TV career and is now back hitting the headlines in the Hunger Games film series. He hit the big time playing in M*A*S*H and oddball roles in The Dirty Dozen and Kelly’s Heroes.

He was born 17 July 1935 11.30am St John, NB, Canada (ADB) and has some chart. His 10th house Cancer Sun Pluto oppose the North Node and square onto Mars in Libra – so a forceful personality. His Jupiter in Scorpio in the 2nd opposes a whacky 8th house Uranus squaring onto a 5th house Aquarius Moon – so custom built to play crazy roles that earned him money and attention.

He also has a creative, self-protective Water Grand Trine of a 10th house Mercury in Cancer trine Jupiter trine a 6th house Saturn in Pisces. That is formed into two Kites by Jupiter opposition Uranus and Saturn opposition Venus Neptune in Virgo. Just overflowing with talent though not an easy man emotionally. His son Kiefer Sutherland, also multi-talented, has had a few problems along the way.

The 6th house Saturn is interesting since he has been plagued with numerous health problems – pneumatic fever, polio, hepatitis, an appendectomy, scarlet fever and a near-death experience when he had spinal meningitis.

Mostefai & Amimour – Venus Pluto in Scorpio and more similarities to others

Another two terrorists:
Omar Ismael Mostefai, 21 Nov 1985, Paris-born of Algerian origin. Involved in petty crime but never imprisoned. Became radicalised at a local mosque, travelled to Syria, returned and joined a group of Salafists (violent jihadists/Sunni)at Chartre. He blew himself up and was identified by a fingertip.

He was a last degree Scorpio Sun conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius; with a mini Grand Trine of Mars trine Jupiter in Aquarius, sextiling onto Mercury Uranus in Sagittarius – confident, adventurous. An emphasised Uranus in Sagittarius is a good description of rebel for a cause. He also had Venus Pluto conjunct in Scorpio with a Pisces Moon.

His Sun was conjunct Saturn and both were semi-square Mars. His Uranus was conjunct Sun/Neptune so easily led by fanatics. His Neptune = Sun/Pluto = Saturn/Pluto. That combination of Neptune and Pluto can be delusional.

Samy Amimour, from a French-Algerian family, who blew himself up after the shootings at the Bataclan concert. Born 15 October 1987, Paris. His father travelled to Syria to try to extract him in 2014 and failed.
He was a Sun Libra opposition Jupiter in Aries which was sextile/trine Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius. Not short of confidence. Saturn Uranus can be autocratic but also has the ability to create changes. He also had the emotionally intense Venus Pluto conjunction in Scorpio (and Mercury) which others have as well. His Moon was Cancer/Leo.
His Sun was exactly conjunct his Mars/Pluto midpoint, square Pluto/Node and = Neptune/Pluto. His Pluto was also conjunct his Mars/Saturn midpoint. So all fairly familiar.