Iran – moving towards boiling point



Rhetoric is heating up as the May 12th nuclear deal deadline approaches with Trump deciding whether to restore U.S. economic sanctions on Tehran, which would be a severe blow to the 2015 pact between Iran and six major powers, including France. Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called on Muslim nations to unite against the U.S. saying: “The Iranian nation has successfully resisted bullying attempts by America and other arrogant powers and we will continue to resist… All Muslim nations should stand united against America and other enemies.”  In turn the Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman threatened Iran during an interview saying that if the Islamic regime attacks Tel Aviv, Israel “will strike Tehran and destroy every Iranian military site that threatens Israel in Syria, whatever the price.”  Putin has announced he is sending long-range surface-to-air missiles to provide effective defence for the Russian military in Syria and has already supplied them to Iran in 2015. So it’s moving towards danger point with the Trump/Pompeo/Bolton hawks keen to upset the applecart. Though to what end isn’t obvious since their options are limited.

What is clear is that Ayatollah Khamenei’s life and leadership is moving into an unstable time. He’s been in poor health in recent years and may be about to exit one way or another. His personal chart, 17 July 1939, has a formidable Fixed T Square of Pluto opposition Mars in Aquarius square Saturn in Taurus which from mid May is picking up jolting tr Uranus hard aspects, first square to Pluto and conjunct Saturn, then square Mars in June, repeating late summer and into 2019. His leadership chart, 4 June 1989 is wilting under tr Neptune square Sun, Sun/Jupiter and next year Jupiter. The risk is if the USA tries to exert muscle it’ll harden attitudes and an equally conservative leader will be appointed to replace him.

Both the Iran 1906 and 1 February 1979 charts are labouring under swampy Neptunian influences this year. Though bouncing back with vigour in 2019/2020.

Russia, Iran, Syria versus USA, Saudi Arabia, Israel – not a good prospect.

Melania Trump – a shift in the power balance coming



Melania Trump triumphed at the State Visit and especially the banquet for the French president and his wife, which she had organised. She dresses with great style and seems to be coming into her own. Unusually she was smiling happily at the photo shoot at Barbara Bush’s funeral surrounded by former Presidents and their wives, with her husband noticeably absent.  She still looks stony-faced when he’s by her side and flinches when he takes her hand. But she’s almost the only one of his close circle who hasn’t been diminished by association. The #freeMelania campaign is alive and well and her popularity is rising.

When Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15th tr Uranus will oppose her Jupiter which is usually luck and relief; but also squares her Mars/Pluto which suggests a disaster or a catastrophe – so something bad with a good outcome. Clouds and silver linings.   That repeats mid-October and early in 2019.

Into 2019, there’ll be more good fortune arriving suddenly; with her confidence and success-factor rising as well with tr Pluto trine her Mars/Jupiter into 2020 as well. By mid 2019 tr Uranus is conjunct her Sun, on and off into 2020 which will bring considerable changes and perhaps a more rebellious spirit. She still looks trapped and frustrated at points but she’s a determined and resourceful lady with her Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in Taurus, the latter two trine Pluto.

Her 11th Harmonic is strongly marked and practical which is the ‘obsessive dream’ one, giving her stamina to follow her vision. Though the downside is disloyalty and betrayal by others.

Her relationship chart with Trump isn’t exactly awash with affection and is fairly controlling with a composite Sun square Pluto. It has been under considerable strain through his campaigning and first year in office. But the power balance will shift come this July as tr Uranus starts to trine the composite Pluto, on and off into 2019. With evasiveness and miscommunications rife this year and uncertainty next as tr Neptune squares the composite Mercury Saturn. Indeed tr Uranus from mid May will conjunct the composite North Node which may be the first inkling of a change in their joint destiny.

Robert Downey Jnr – Avengers: Infinity Wars ‘bedazzling’




Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel’s extravaganza pulling together the Iron Man, Hulk, Thor et al in a merry band to save the world has been getting five star reviews as it opens – “an utterly confident comic-book movie mash-up” and “bedazzling fun”.

It started Principal Photography three days after Trump’s Inauguration so has the same adventurous and pushily confident Uranus opposition Jupiter square Pluto; plus the sticky Saturn square Mars Venus. Interesting to see how it pans out.

Robert Downey Jnr leads the starry cast as he reprises the role of Iron Man, which has hauled in billions for Marvel in several outings. It has also shot him way up the rankings of highest-grossing actors.

Born 4 April 1965 1.10pm Manhattan, NY, into an acting family with a drug addict father, he hit the heights early in his career but crashed and burned due to addiction problems, ending him up in prison at one point. His second marriage to a film executive helped pull him round and he’s been drug free for 15 years.

He has a philosophical and outspoken 9th house Sun, Venus and Mercury in Aries on the focal point of a Yod to Neptune sextile a volatile collection of Pluto Uranus (Mars) in Virgo.  His Mars Uranus Pluto oppose Saturn and square a Gemini North Node. He’ll be volatile, high-wire, stressed unless he has a clear focus, prone to depression. An indulgent Moon Jupiter in Taurus in his 10th opposition Neptune would attract him to drugs and his emotional responses would need damping down with his Moon trine Pluto Uranus Mars. But Jupiter in the 10th generally denotes success and respect the older he gets.

He’s been through a challenging few years with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on his Aries planets; and tr Neptune opposition his Virgo ones so he’s done well keeping his head down and working flat out.

He’s almost clear of recent pressured influences and has a long way ahead career-wise with an especial success come 2021/2022 when tr Pluto trines his Jupiter.

Alek Minassian – Toronto attacker acting out his life’s crisis ** updated



Alek Minassian, the Toronto van attacker now up on ten charges of premeditated murder, was described by fellow students as socially awkward, perhaps suffering from OCD in addition to other mental disabilities.

He was born 3 November 1992 (net sources) in North York, Ontario and is a Sun Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius, which is a tricky mix of emotionally intense and chilly, with low self-esteem. He was also part of the highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn generation and in his case made more volatile by an opposition to Mars in Cancer. His Mars is also trine Pluto in Scorpio – so major anger, frustration and resentment issues.

His Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his Venus in Sagittarius now which will amplify his feelings considerably. More significantly his Uranus Neptune has moved by Solar Arc to square his Sun running through last year and conjunct his Saturn now, which would accentuate his paranoid tendencies. Major crises usually erupt when two configurations in a chart collide with one moving by Solar Arc to merge with the other -intense feelings of unworthiness ramped up by can-be-fanatical Uranus Neptune. He clearly intended the attack to end in a suicide bid.

His 5th Harmonic is heavily aspected hinting at anger, cruelty and delusion. His 7H which can be mentally unstable is doubly so with Saturn Neptune emphasised. His 18H, often found, with mass killers is also strong.

Add on: There appears to be a social media connection to the ‘incels’ (involuntary celibate) online communities that have made sexual frustration the basis for misogyny. At their heart is a belief that denying men sex is unjust and incel hubs regularly feature calls for rape or other violence. Some incels have constructed a violent, insurrectionary rhetoric from romantic failure. The Isla Vista shooter Elliot Rodger justified his own mass homicide in 2014 by presenting it as revenge for his own romantic rejections, and the fact that at 22, he was still a virgin. Subsequently he was adopted by some incels as a hero, a figurehead for an uprising, when sexually unsuccessful men would engage in armed revolt against all of the Chads and Stacys.

Elliot Rodger, 24 July 1991 London, England, had the same Saturn in Aquarius aspect to his Sun. In his case opposition a Leo Sun. With the Uranus Neptune conjunction trine a passionate Venus Mars in Virgo. So some similarities of low self-esteem and a hyper-active Mars. Mars, rules the libido as well as assertion. And if blocked it will arouse anger.  Both have their Pluto in aspect to one of their Mars midpoints. And Rodger like Minassian had his Uranus Neptune in its Solar Arc positions conjunct his Saturn.

Mike Pompeo – almost into the hot seat



Mike Pompeo looks set to be the next USA Secretary of State, perhaps reaching full confirmation by the end of this week. Which, if it goes to plan, means he’ll kick off on the Mars Pluto conjunction square Uranus – rolling-crises, high-risk, ruthless and/or acutely frustrating.  He’s at the Tea Party end of the Republicans, irked the Democrats with his comments on LGBT and Muslims and has been interventionist in foreign policy. Though he toned down the last to get the vote.

Born 30 December 1963 1.32pm Orange, California, he’s a Sun, Mercury, Mars in Capricorn; with Sun trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo and square Jupiter in pro-active Aries.  He’s also got a cool Saturn and Venus in Aquarius square Neptune, so suited to the shadowy, suspicious world of the CIA from whence he recently comes. Ambitious certainly and fairly hard-edged with Mars Mercury trine Pluto as well as a grandstander, his Pluto being in the 5th.

He’s not in his easiest year with tr Saturn conjunct his Sun in May and tr Pluto returning to conjunct his Mars across the summer and November/December which could block him up. He’s also got a Solar Arc Moon conjunct his Uranus exact in eight months’ time, which looks like an emotional shock of sorts or perhaps a rebellious fit.

He’s not entirely at ease with Trump given his Mars opposes Trump’s Saturn which is a gritty interface; and his Saturn opposes Trump’s Mars/Pluto midpoint.

That translates on the relationship chart into a serious-dislike composite Mars opposition Saturn Venus. It’ll only work if Pompeo submerges his ego to become a fawning courtier. Though it’ll get a considerable shake come July with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Venus and worse in 2019; with additional chills from tr Saturn sitting on their composite Mercury square Jupiter.



Kimba Wood – in the hot seat


Kimba Wood, the judge in the trial involving Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer over payments made to Stormy Daniels has a stellar reputation from her decades on the bench. She’s known not to suffer fools gladly, is deemed to be a tough judge and has presided over cases involving high-profile defendants, including “Junk Bond King” Michael Milken; and a 2010 one involving the guilty pleas of 10 Russian spies who had been working undercover in the United States as sleeper agents, which inspired the TV show The Americans. The tabloids dubbed her the ‘love judge’ after she was outed as the third woman in a divorce case of the Wall Street financier who became her third husband.

Born 21 January 1944 she has a powerful and well-integrated chart with an intellectual Air Grand Trine of an Aquarius Sun trine Neptune trine Uranus Mars in Gemini; formed into one Kite by Sun opposition Pluto – making controlling, determined and influential Pluto the driving planet. She may also have another Kite with Mars Uranus opposition an outspoken Sagittarius Moon. A  lady who won’t take any hostages and tells it like it is. And she has a Yod of Pluto sextile Mars Uranus inconjunct Mercury in Capricorn – which if well handled will make her an exceptional teacher and communicator.

Her Pluto is conjunct Cohen’s Mars in Leo and her Uranus Mars are square his Virgo Sun – so he’ll be rightly wary (scared) of her and thrown off balance. Her fair-minded Saturn in Gemini is conjunct Trump’s Sun and opposition his Moon so he won’t regard her with affection.

Trump’s relationship chart with her is irritable with a composite Sun Mercury opposition Venus Neptune square Mars Saturn. And there’s stress on that from tr Saturn through this year into 2019. Cohen equally looks jittered and jangled by her this year and next.

On her personal chart, she looks stressed, more so than usually, over the next year, though she’s weathered storms before.


Commonwealth – a wealth of new possibilities



A possible free trade agreement amongst Commonwealth countries raised excitement at the recent London meeting. The Commonwealth is a loose organisation mainly of former British colonies and covers 20% of the world’s land area on all six inhabited continents, housing nearly a third of the world population. Brexit has opened up new possibilities and given momentum to the idea of using the Commonwealth as an economic instrument.

It came into being on 28th April 1949 which was on the day of a New Moon in Taurus conjunct Venus square Pluto on one side and square Jupiter in Aquarius on the other. So it fitted the Queen’s chart well and she’s been titular head and a driving force for many years. She’s a Taurus Sun with Jupiter also in tolerant, multi-cultural Aquarius.

There will certainly be changes aplenty as tr Uranus moves into Taurus crossing the Sun (Moon) and Venus in 2020/2021. Though it won’t all be straightforward with a step backwards in 2020 as well.

The Queen more or less shoehorned them into accepting Charles as head when she retires or passes on. The Commonwealth leaders acquiesced out of respect for her but he wasn’t too popular a choice. Charles’ Taurus Moon will be a help but his relationship chart with the Commonwealth has an awkward, argumentative composite Sun Mars opposition Pluto Mercury which spells trouble.

Theresa May attempted to persuade the leaders to look at decriminalizing homosexuality without much success. Of the 53 member countries, 37 ban same-sex behaviour to one degree or another.

Kate & Will No 3 – a maverick Taurus ** updated



Another Royal arrived this morning at 11.01am as the Duchess of Cambridge delivered her third child, a boy, now fifth in line to the throne, with Prince William in attendance.

He has his Sun and Venus in Taurus, so similar to Princess Charlotte with her Sun and Mars in Taurus – and chiming with Prince William’s Venus in Taurus and the Queen’s Sun and Prince Charles’s Moon. Prince George, the eldest child, is a last degree Cancer Sun.

This one has a flamboyant Leo Moon below his Cancer Ascendant, sitting as a singleton, accentuating emotional sensitivity but also indicating a knack of connecting with the public. He has Uranus in his 10th conjunct his Sun, so will be a maverick who insists on following his own path.

I’d worry marginally about a challenging collection of Saturn and a Mars Pluto conjunction all in Capricorn in his 6th house of health and work. There could be health issues requiring care, perhaps most obviously over his early years as the Mars Pluto draws to exact in about 18 months’ time. He’ll be drawn to work in crises areas; will be resourceful in the face of danger but also unduly stubborn, perhaps given to tantrums.

Like both his parents he has Jupiter in Scorpio, normally good for money; and he has a leadership-quality Leo North Node.

His relationships with both parents and two siblings do seem unduly fraught. The relationship chart with his mother has an emphasised Mars Saturn trine Moon trine Venus. With his father the same Mars Saturn and Pluto opposition Sun Venus; with composite Moon trine Mars Saturn. With Charlotte – a Mars square Saturn and muddled Moon aspects. With George – a composite Sun opposition Saturn and Saturn trine Mars; and Venus opposition Pluto square Mars and Uranus. He’s either going to be the wild child par excellence or there’ll be some other reason for all the angst and aggravation.

Mars Pluto tends to run through the Queen’s relationships with her close family which reflects the power imbalance and need to toe the monarchical line. The Queen’s relationship with Philip has a composite Mars opposition Saturn which reflects the sacrifice he had to make in terms of suppressing his individuality to fit in. Mars is to do with assertion – I am, I choose. Where it is heavily restricted it breeds resentment.

Peter Madsen – leaping without thinking



Denmark is riveted as engineer and entrepreneur Peter Madsen’s trial for the murder of journalist Kim Wall on his private submarine draws close to a verdict. Evidence has been led of multiple clips or links showing murder, torture, beheading and the sexual torture of women on his computer. The night before Wall’s death, he Googled “beheading” and “girl”, and then watched a video of a girl having her throat slit. Initially he claimed Kim Wall died from asphyxiation after an accident caused the submarine to fill with exhaust fumes and he had dismembered her body to remove it from the small enclosed space. Over time he changed his story, though he is extremely plausible.

What’s interesting about his chart is he has three planets in the final degree of a sign – Pluto in Virgo, Jupiter in Scorpio and Mercury in Sagittarius. Known as the anarectic degree it indicates an impulsive nature with a tendency to leap into action without considering the consequences after a period of dithering. Theresa May also has three planets at 29 degrees – it’s not associated with crime, more poor judgement.

Madsen’s Capricorn Sun is under assault from tr Pluto conjunct at the moment and on and off till late 2019.

His can-be-dominating 5th Harmonic has an unpleasant Mercury opposition Mars square Pluto, making it doubly so.  In his rise-and-fall 10th harmonic ( 5 X 2) Neptune is added to that already toxic mix hinting at the sadistic perversion which his internet interests show up.

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