Andy Murray – wear and tear catches up



An emotional Andy Murray said he was retiring soon from international tennis because of pain from hip arthritis. He expects to play next week in Brisbane and hopes to make it to Wimbledon this summer but that seems unlikely. A three-time Grand Slam tournament winner, two-time Olympic champion and highly popular as an all-round nice guy, he’ll be missed. And is clearly taking his forced exit at 32 hard.

Born 15 May 1987 2.10pm Dunblane, Scotland, he has an ambitious 10th house Mars in Gemini opposition a 4th house Uranus, Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius suggesting a fairly assertive mother who furthered his career and an unsettled childhood and relationship with his father. His parents split when he was 10 and he lived with his father, being mentored tennis-wise by his mother. Around that time he was at Dunblane School with his brother when Thomas Hamilton ran amok with a gun killing 16 children and a teacher.

He’s also got a far-travelled 9th house Taurus Sun and a lucky, intense Jupiter and Venus in Aries in his 8th.

His Solar Arc Midheaven is within less than a degree in opposition to his Neptune as he is forced to make this tough decision; with his Progressed Moon moving through his 6th house, for the past few months and on till 2020, which is often a time when health issues loom large.  He may have another operation soon, not to be able to play again but to ease the pain and discomfort.

It’ll be a bumpy transition into what comes next though he won’t be short of offers in the sponsorship or charitable spheres, but it’ll be a shock to his system winding down from a training schedule that has been part of his life for more than two decades. Tr Neptune will be square his 4th house Saturn in 2020/21 which will be uncertain and confused; though tr Pluto trine his Sun in 2020/21 will stabilise him to some extent. In 2021 his Solar Arc Sun will conjunct his Mars and oppose his Uranus which will produce an uncomfortable jolt. But he’ll bounce up with vigour and kick start new projects in 2021/22 and onwards.


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  1. Sad news about Andy, even though hip surgeries can be quite serious, we kind of always expect from tennis top guys to come back to old and even better form. Hopefully he gets a chance to end it as he planned, he seems to be a great guy overall.
    Also interesting fun fact, there is 7 days difference between his and Novak Djokovic birthday, Andy being those few days older.

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