Albert Einstein – resting happy

The first direct detection of gravitational waves is being hailed as ‘one of the most remarkable scientific breakthroughs of our time’ and proof of a prediction made by Albert Einstein a century ago. My knowledge of cosmic physics amounts to zero but the science community is abuzz with talk of astronomy and other fields of science now entering a new era.

Einstein, born 14 March 1879 11.30am Ulm, Germany, had a 10th house Pisces Sun – Pisces oddly enough being one of the commonest signs amongst scientists and mathematicians. He also had a ‘eureka’ moment, inspired- innovation Uranus trine Neptune. Plus an utterly determined Mars in Capricorn sextile his Sun and trine Pluto in Taurus.

His leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17th Harmonic is immensely strong with an Earth Grand Trine/Kite focused onto a North Node; and a T square focused onto Jupiter. His 11H is also notable.

It may just be coincidence but on his chart the Solar Arc Jupiter is about to cross the Ascendant, giving his image a considerable boost.

Two notable modern day physicists who have devoted their professional lives to pursuing gravitational waves are Rai Weiss, 29 Sept 1932 and Kip Thorne, 1 June 1940. Thorne also has a Uranus trine Neptune; and Weiss a focal point ‘breakthrough’ Uranus, with his Neptune in minor aspects to Uranus, Pluto and his Sun.

Nobel Prizes to follow.

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