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Jeopardy stalks Trump from various directions as a new Congress gets under way, with the greatest risk coming from Adam Schiff, newly installed chairman of the House intelligence committee and a former federal prosecutor. He has said he plans to home in on an area the president has tried to fence off: the details of his businesses, his lenders, and his partners in the US and abroad. Schiff said recently: “One of the issues that has continued to concern me are the persistent allegations that the Trumps, when they couldn’t get money from US banks, were laundering Russian money. If that is true, that would be more powerful compromise than any salacious video tape or any aborted Trump tower deal.” One of the first matters he plans to investigate, Schiff told NBC last month, is the Trump Organization’s relationship with Deutsche Bank, for a time reportedly Trump’s exclusive lender, which was fined $700m in 2017 for allowing money laundering.

He also said he would be handing over transcripts of closed-door testimony to Mueller, something Republican leaders under the discredited chairmanship of Devin Nunes did not do and which could place in jeopardy Trump aides including Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and Roger Stone.

Schiff born 22 June 1960 is a Sun Venus in Cancer in an expansive opposition to Jupiter; with a talented Half Grand Sextile of Mars in determined Taurus opposition Neptune trine/sextile Pluto and Sun. It’s a well-tied-together chart, tuned into the zeitgeist, charming with a ruthless edge. He’s also got a serious Saturn opposition Mercury.  His Mars falls in Trump’s 9th house of legal and foreign affairs; his Uranus sits exactly on Trump’s Pluto/Mars midpoint which is an explosive crossover; and Schiff’s Pluto is conjunct Trump’s Ascendant and Mars, so he has the ability to transform Trump’s image and corner him.

Their relationship chart is combative and competitive with a composite Sun Mars conjunction which is being shaken mid February till early March this year. There’s a one-upmanship-struggle-for-the-upper-hand Jupiter square Pluto; and a suspicious, high-tension Saturn Neptune square Uranus Mercury which is being assaulted by tr Pluto square and tr Saturn in opposition through this year.

Schiff’s chart will have its ups and downs with a few jangles and worrisome moments from late March onwards but most notably he looks heartened through April and May when Trump is under most pressure. Maybe for separate reasons, of course, but it could be connected. Thereafter Schiff looks in line for more success and luck in 2020.

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  1. Dear Marjorie, Every astrology site I have looked at predicts a Trump win in 2020, some base this on the Democrats being unable to offer a candidate strong enough to take on the Republicans, others that Trumps stars are too well placed for him to be defeated. I find these interpretations shocking, how can this be? Can you address 2020 at some point?

  2. Glad to hear this. I’ve been very impressed with Schiff whenever he’s been on the news shows. I can see that Mercury-Saturn seriousness and the determined Mars in Taurus in the level way he deals with the craziness of Trump and GOP antics as well as what he can and can’t speak about from closed sessions. It’s good news that things look overall up for him going forward.

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