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  • Lunar Eclipse – mature women extracting vengeance

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          The upcoming Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) on January 31st at 11 degrees Leo/Aquarius has Venus tied in but none of the outer planets, bar mild aspects to Neptune (inconjunct and semi-sextile) so looks reasonably amiable. I’m informed that the Moon is exactly conjunct the minor planet Ceres, though I can’t verify that. Ceres was the Roman name for Demeter, goddess of the harvest, whose daughter Persephone was carried off by Pluto to his underground lair. She was so grief-stricken and enraged by her loss, she laid the earth barren until a deal was struck to allow Persephone to come back to her for six months of the year. One version is that Pluto groomed, then raped Persephone, …Keep reading »
  • Pluto in Aquarius – marching towards the future

        Pluto has been grinding its way through Capricorn since 2008, pulling down old structures, financial and political, and constructing new ones. Past experience might suggest we are overdue the justice and culture which flourished on previous Pluto in Capricorns (every 230/240 years). From 2024 to 2044 Pluto moves into Aquarius ushering in a new phase. Events during previous occurrences are naturally steeped in the history of their times, and since planets never move in isolation but are affected by the other outer planets, there are unlikely to be exact matches. 1778 -1797 saw a rebellious Pluto in Aquarius since it opposed Uranus. The USA was in its early struggles after the Independence Declaration of 1776; most notably the …Keep reading »
  • Christopher Hemsworth – Mars Pluto rides into battle

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        Christopher Hemsworth gives his best performance yet, according to previews for his latest movie 12 Strong, a post-9/11 war drama about US special forces soldiers in Afghanistan who rode into battle on horseback, forming a close bond with an Afghan warlord. After years of blockbuster success in Thor, and other movies, he’s in a position to make his presence felt in the decision-making process; has the full A-list paraphernalia of Sexiest Man Alive awards, gzillions of social media fans and a more than healthy bank account. He’s returned to his native Australia to give his three children the kind of carefree childhood he had, growing up part of the time in the outback where his father worked as …Keep reading »
  • Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones – a united front, so far

          Catherine Zeta Jones has hastened to defend her husband Michael Douglas over allegations of sexual harassment thirty years ago. A former employee has claimed that he used sexual language in front of her, including openly discussing extra-marital affairs, while she was running the firm’s New York office, and commented about her body; and allegedly masturbated in front of her during a one-on-one script meeting in his apartment. The last is certainly way across the line; but the rest of it? For heaven’s sake, it was showbusiness. Sexual banter went on all the time and in both directions across the genders. My recollection is that he came out publicly years ago saying he suffered from ‘sex addiction’ and …Keep reading »
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  • Ellen Pompeo – a breakthrough success

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        Ellen Pompeo, the face of Gray’s Anatomy, the TV medical drama, now into its 14th season and running for several more, being still the network’s No 2 drama generating $3 billion so far, is being trumpeted as the new face of women’s equality in pay. She’s signed for nearly $600k per episode plus plus, will become a producer and co-exec prod of a spinoff, all adding up to a cool $20 million pa. Born 10 November 1969 1.24pm Everett, Massachusetts, she lost her mother at five from an overdose, was raised by her father and grandparents in downtown Boston and despite a few good roles was broke when she was offered Gray’s Anatomy fifteen years ago. She has …Keep reading »
  • Emmanuel Macron – in his glory days

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          French President Emmanuel Macron is striding the globe like a colossus, dispensing insults and largesse with equal vigour. He dazzled Trump with military pomp on Bastille Day; schmoozed Putin with the glories of Versailles; a horse to Xi Jinping; and the Bayeux Tapestry on loan to the UK. Fading Merkel, entangled in coalition talks, has left the field clear for his Jupiterian reign. The EU was always a Germany-France axis with the former taking the lead in recent times. Macron’s closer-integration zeal would seem to put him in the driving seat. Unless like Icarus, he flies too high and crashes and burns. Much depends on what emerges from the German electoral stalemate, which after this Sunday’s SPD …Keep reading »
  • Emily Maitlis – a Virgo plagued by unwanted attention

        Virgos are being keyed up this week, maybe in part by the Capricornian flush. But it’s astonishing how some weeks are dominated by one sign. First Michelle Williams, Keanu Reeves, then the sad Dolores O’Riordan. Now Emily Maitlis, a high-profile UK TV news presenter is in the headlines. She has been stalked for an unbelievable and outrageous twenty years by a man she knew at university, who has already been imprisoned for breaching a restraining order and now is back inside for 45 months. She says it’s like having a chronic illness. “He is unwell and has wasted half his life. Stalking is a weirdo glamorised term for what is essentially mental ill-health and so somewhere along the …Keep reading »