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  • Emma Chambers – a sensitive Pisces

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        English actress Emma Chambers, best known for playing oddball roles in Nottinghill and The Vicar of Dibley, has died aged 53 from natural causes. She suffered from asthma and serious allergies. Born 11 March 1964, she was a Sun, Mercury, Mars in Pisces trine filmic Neptune; with her Mars in a high-tension opposition to Pluto (Uranus) in Virgo. Her Venus in Taurus was also trine Pluto Uranus, so a lively spark. Her Moon was in maverick Aquarius and she had an upfront, go-ahead Jupiter in Aries. Tr Pluto had been making heavy weather conjunct her confusing Sun/Neptune conjunction in January; with tr Neptune making a tranche of hard aspects this year, some last year, some up and coming …Keep reading »
  • Sridevi – Bollywood in mourning

        Sridevi, the Bollywood superstar has died suddenly aged 54. She appeared in almost 300 films over five decades and was considered one of the few Indian female stars capable of box office success without the support of a male hero. Born 13 August 1963 in Madras at 5,30am (unverified), she started acting aged four, working in five local languages. Her screen image was a glamorous one, but her private life, relentlessly exposed in gossip columns, ‘spoke of her lack of conversational abilities, her romantic liaisons and heartbreaks as well as her bouts of cosmetic surgery.’ She was a charming and flamboyant Sun, Venus, Ascendant in Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius square Neptune (Lilith) opposition MC with a 10th …Keep reading »
  • Don McCullin – ensuring their sacrifice is not forgotten

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        “It was 50 years ago this month, and yet, almost every night, I lie in my bed remembering Hue. More than any other experience I had in more than five decades of covering war, it haunts me.” And the Tet Offensive in Vietnam was the location for some of war-photographer Don McCullin’s most searing and memorable images – of wounded and battle-shocked soldiers and civilians. Described as one of our greatest living photographers and a photojournalist without equal, he spent 60 years documenting the poverty of London’s East End, and the horrors of wars in Vietnam, Cambodia, Lebanon, Congo, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iran. Recently, aged 81, he travelled to Iraq to photograph the Battle of Mosul and …Keep reading »
  • Matt – politics raising a laugh

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        Matt Pritchett, the delightfully funny Telegraph cartoonist is celebrating his 30th work anniversary. His deceptively simple line-drawings pack a real punch and raise a smile. Born 14 July 1964, he’s from a family of newspapermen but went to Art School, so came into the business from a different direction. He works in the office, first reading all the morning papers and then producing several rough sketches for approval, often homing in on the important story of the day before the editor. He’s a Sun Cancer, which sign often has a nose for the public mood, which is trine Neptune and in a confident sextile to Jupiter in practical Taurus. He has a passionately enthusiastic Mars Venus in Gemini …Keep reading »
  • North Korea – the rhetoric ramps up again

          After North Korea’s diplomatic triumph at the Winter Olympics, the jousting is back as the US administration redoubles its effort to starve Pyongyang of resources and force it to abandon its nuclear ambitions. Quite how Kim Jong Un will respond to Trump’s announcement of the “heaviest” ever set of U.S. sanctions against North Korea being imposed isn’t clear. Observers say it may not make much difference, but Kim Jong Un’s leadership chart is showing significant upheaval over coming weeks as well as deadlock – with Solar Arc Uranus square the Pluto, exact in two months; and tr Saturn conjunct the 10th house Sun Pluto from this weekend to early March (returning twice again before the year end). On the …Keep reading »
  • Barnaby Joyce – a fiery Aries crashes and burns

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        Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s deputy PM has resigned after an escalating scandal about his affair with his former media adviser, now pregnant, which has broken up his 25 year marriage. Last week, he sparred publicly with Malcolm Turnbull who criticised his “shocking error of judgement” and declared that ministers would be banned from having sex with their staff. He responded by calling the PM “inept”. He is known as outspoken and a battler, once threatening to kill Johnny Depp’s dogs over a quarantine violation. Born 17 April 1967 in Tamworth, Aus, he’s certainly got a fiery and over confident chart with an Aries Sun opposition Mars in Libra square Jupiter (Moon) in Cancer. Not a shrinking violet. His Sun is …Keep reading »
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  • Parkland shooting – Rubio, Trump, NRA backed into a corner

          The justified furore over the Parkland, Florida school shooting is not abating, in part due to the upswell of outrage from young people, who are making their voices heard. The statistics on mass shootings by assault rifles are staggering (see URL WPost below). Since the ban was lifted in 2004 incidents using this type of weapon have tripled and deaths almost quadrupled. Senator Marco Rubio had an uncomfortable ride at a CNN debate, faced down by a father of one of the dead children. The NRA has contributed around $3million to support Rubio’s campaigns and he has always been a staunch supporter of gun rights. Born 28 May 1971 FL, he has a cool, unemotional Air Grand …Keep reading »