Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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  • Melania – product of an authoritarian system

           Melania has had a free pass up till now because of Trump’s appalling behaviour. But her fascist-slogan ‘I don’t care’ jacket worn in the most inappropriate circumstances is starting to swing opinion the other way. Her own chart is fairly hard and very money-oriented with Sun Saturn in Taurus, and Sun opposition Jupiter in Scorpio, plus Mercury Venus in Taurus trine Pluto; and an ambitious Capricorn Moon. She knew what she was doing when she signed the contract to become arm-candy for a mega-wealthy, much married philanderer. Her relationship chart with the USA is sagging through this year and next with tr Neptune opposing the composite Mars Venus, taking the shine off her aura. Close to her childhood …Keep reading »
  • Australia, Hungary, not just Trump with punitive migrant policies

           The uproar over the handling of USA refugee immigrants has turned the spotlight back on Australia’s draconian policies of warehousing incomers, often fleeing repression, on offshore islands. When described to Trump in 2017 by PM Malcolm Turnbull, he remarked “You are worse than I am.” Brigid Delaney writing in the Guardian describes these internment camps as ‘so grim and dangerous that they are often worse than the conditions people were fleeing from – as hot as hell, with all sorts of tropical diseases and only basic medical care. Places where there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go. Places with random outbreaks of violence, that end in murder (RIP Reza Barati). Places where it’s easy to get away …Keep reading »
  • Netanyahu, Mrs & Mrs, both facing financial charges

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           Sara Netanyahu, wife of the Israeli PM has been charged with fraud for ordering $96k worth of meals from gourmet chefs on state funds. The local view is it will hardly dent Benjamin Netanyahu’s image, fading into insignificance compared to the bribery and corruption charges which he is facing. His party’s poll rating remains high, despite charges pending, with a surge upwards after Trump withdrew from the Iran deal. Sara Netanyahu, 5 November 1958, is described by Haaretz as being ‘a synonym for all those traits that parents with values would raise their kids to avoid. These include tight-fistedness, self-indulgence, exploitation, malice, abusing the weak, rudeness and aggression extending at times to violence.’ She is a Sun, Jupiter, …Keep reading »
  • Melania Trump – dressing for effect

           Melania Trump’s ‘I Really Don’t Care, Do U?’ jacket on a border immigrant visit is mystifying if seen as a reflection of contempt for immigrant children. Her track record suggests she dresses deliberately, on occasion pointedly aimed at Trump. Remember the pink Gucci pussy bow shirt after Trump’s ‘grab them by the ..’ comments surfaced in 2016. And her Hillary Clinton/#metoo white trouser suit for the State of Union address after the Stormy Daniels’ furore erupted, and she refused to travel with her husband to the event. She started an anti-bullying campaign, refused to move to DC for her son’s sake. She may have signed the contract to put up with Trump for the duration but she’s not …Keep reading »
  • India – rise in sectarian intolerance

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           India hasn’t been immune from the nationalist xenophobia which has shaken several European countries and the US in recent times. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi was elected in 2014 on a vision for economic growth, good governance, and reforms with his Hindu supremacy beliefs kept low key. But since then there has been growing intolerance of the fifth of the population who are Muslim or other faiths, undermining India’s previous status as a secular, multi-cultural country. Not all of his economic policies have been a success, with some of its meteoric rise slowing, though it’s still in better shape than most and in 10 years, forecasters predict that India’s economy will be third-largest in the world, behind the …Keep reading »
  • Brexit – dithering into an uncertain future

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           Like flies stuck in what Matthew Parris memorably described as a tar pit, UK politicians are making a total horlicks of the Brexit negotiations. Paralysed by an inability to agree amongst themselves, they and the whole farrago are arousing amused contempt in Brussels, where the overlords just sit back and say NON every so often. Businesses are already baling out in all directions to Ireland, the Netherlands, Eastern Europe.  Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament chief negotiator said there would have to be a definitive plan by this October, to be ratified by the leaving date of March 2019; and it would take the full two year transition period thereafter to work out trading details which could well drag …Keep reading »
  • Jacinda Ardern – baby on board

           Jacinda Ardern, PM of New Zealand, had her first baby today at 4.45pm in Auckland.  Her daughter is a last gasp Gemini Sun only a few hours away from being a Cancer. She has a 10th house Libra Moon so may well consider following her mother’s footsteps into some kind of public career. Though she’ll be rebellious and quite a maverick with Uranus in her performing 5th house square Venus North Node in Leo opposition Mars in Aquarius. She’ll be stubborn, very much a law-unto-herself romantically as well as in whatever way she chooses to present herself. Her Moon squares Saturn, indicative of an overly dutiful mother, and also trines Mars, so there will be some tantrums. Her …Keep reading »
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