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  • Google’s You Tube – censoring and blocking funding of terrorists and hate groups

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          Google is facing a thorny problem after a mass walkout of many of its biggest advertisers after the UK Times ran an investigation showing their ads appeared beside videos supporting terrorist and other hate-spewing groups, who benefit financially. Until now Google have been fairly cavalier about how they run their massive platform, watched by 1 billion people daily, on which 300 to 400 videos per minute are loaded direct to air. They’ve tended to wait until public complaints came in but now they’re being forced to work out a system for checking content in advance. Quite how isn’t clear, since it would take more than 50,000 full-time staff on an eight-hour day to manually moderate it; and algorithmic …Keep reading »
  • Republicans – in power and paralysed

          The US Republican Party have a real problem on their hands. Their rallying cry in recent times has been to dismantle an over-expensive and as they see it intrusive government machine. But the policies they so dislike, health care amongst them, are popular with voters reliant on them, who would not be sanguine about losing their support systems just to fund tax cuts favouring the rich. Now the GOP has been landed with, (perhaps the only reason they won), a president handing them a narrative about improving the lives of the forgotten poor – and stamping on minorities/immigrants. He’s as keen on tax cuts as the Republicans, but the money has to come from somewhere. So the …Keep reading »
  • Indian nationalism – following a global pattern

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        ‘The fringe moves further into the mainstream’ is a comment about the present political situation in India, but could equally be applied to a variety of countries – so must be something in the zeitgeist. Narendra Modi, the Indian PM, has appointed firebrand Yogi Adityanath as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, a fifth of whose 200 million people are Muslim. He is a strident Hindu supremacist/nationalist and rabble-rouser. Critics fear a crackdown on Muslim businesses and mixed-religion couples in the region, as well as a return to the violence against Muslims which sent Adityanath to prison ten years ago. A think-tanker remarked: ‘“It answers one of the questions that we had about Modi all along,” he says. “Is …Keep reading »
  • Paul Ryan – a rock and a hard place, on two fronts

       Paul Ryan is getting the blame for the failure of the Repeal and Replace Obamacare legislation to make headway in Congress as the two sides of the Republican Party refused to budge. One side said not enough, the other, mindful of their constituents, said too much. It almost certainly wouldn’t have got through the Senate even if it had passed; and it will make tax reforms and cuts more difficult since the money that was going to be freed up now isn’t there. His relationship with Trump always did look to be hitting the skids with tr Neptune square the composite Saturn Mars conjunction from early April through till 2019. It was never a match made in heaven with …Keep reading »
  • The Godfather – standing the test of time

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      Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 movie The Godfather, starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, was for a time the highest-grossing film ever, and is regarded as one of the greatest films in world cinema, ranked just below Citizen Kane in top US movies. Principal photography started on 23 March 1971 and it premiered on 14 March 1972. The shoot started with an Aries Sun opposing Uranus square Mars in Capricorn, certainly befitting a violent gangster movie with a severed horse’s head in bed; with the Sun trine a high-finance and lucky Jupiter Neptune in Sagittarius. There was also a wide, enduring Saturn trine Pluto. That last had moved to almost exact when it launched with an Air Grand Trine of Saturn …Keep reading »
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  • Brexit – could end up lose-lose ** updated

          From next Wednesday the Brexit process will begin in earnest with the EU initial reply expected two days later. The two key EU players who have both been making ominous noises in advance are EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and EU negotiator Michel Barnier. Barnier, 9 Jan 1951 4.40pm La Tronche, France, is possibly the better guide since Brexit will be his priority whereas Juncker has several crises looming elsewhere. Barnier, a Sun Capricorn square Neptune in Libra, inconjunct Pluto is under poleaxing and confusing challenges with tr Pluto conjunct his Sun and square his Neptune till late 2018. With confidence-undermining Neptune transits to his Jupiter/Node from mid next month, on and off till late 2018; with …Keep reading »
  • Jupiter in Libra taking a walk on the dark side

    One of the hallmarks of this year – with its polarised squabbles, rising populism/nationalism and Trump’s administration – is Jupiter in Libra opposition Uranus square Pluto. At its best, Jupiter in Libra is about a desire for social justice and decent behaviour in relationships of all varieties, and is usually considerate of the needs and wishes of others. When afflicted however, it can make moralising judgements about others, promises more than it can deliver, appears disloyal and can lead to lawsuits arising from unfulfilled commitments. Jupiter opposition Uranus, which I tend to simplistically describe as ‘adventurous’, in reality is over-restless, unwisely expansive, undiplomatically blunt, tending to exaggerate wildly, going off in all directions, usually at considerable cost, which can end, …Keep reading »