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  • Taylor Swift – fans delight at latest rom-com

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          Rapturous excitement from fans greeted Taylor Swift’s smoochy dance in public with her latest beau, Brit actor and model, Joe Alwyn, whom she’s been keeping under wraps for several months. Born 21 February 1991 he’s a Sun Pisces square Mars in Gemini with probably a Taurus Moon and Venus in late Pisces. She’s a Sun Sagittarius with a Cancer Moon Jupiter, an ultra-determined Pluto and Mars in Scorpio, and a highly-strung collection of Uranus, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn in Capricorn. Her Watery Cancer Moon Jupiter certainly chimes with his Pisces Sun; and his Venus is trine her Mars for sparks of passion.  But that apart it doesn’t look too harmonious a match. His Taurus Moon will oppose either …Keep reading »
  • Alabama – infected by open sewers

           Alabama has some of the worst conditions of poverty seen in the developed world according to a UN official. ‘People in the region frequently suffer from E. Coli and hookworm, a disease associated with extreme poverty and which was thought to have been eradicated in the US more than 100 years ago but which was recently found to persist in pockets of Lowndes County, located just 20 miles from the state capital, Montgomery, where many residents are too poor to afford a septic system and make their own sewer lines using PVC piping. The lines run from the people’s homes some 30ft above the ground before emptying into ditches or waste ground.’ (Independent). Known as the ‘heart of dixie’ and …Keep reading »
  • Christopher Plummer – a fiery Sagittarius sprints to the rescue

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        Veteran actor Christopher Plummer who stepped in as a hasty replacement for a disgraced Kevin Spacey to play J Paul Getty  has been nominated in the Golden Globes for best supporting actor for his performance in Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World. Scott is also nominated for best director and Michelle Williams for best actress. It had finished shooting when he took over the role and isn’t yet released. Born 13 December 1929 in Toronto, Canada, he’s had an illustrious career in serious theatre and in film, garnering him many awards, including the Sound of Music (which he loathed). He has a lively Sun Mars in Sagittarius with Venus also in Sagittarius in a charming opposition …Keep reading »
  • Palestine – putting pragmatism before ideals, for now

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          Another intifada in Palestine over Trump’s unthinkable and almost certainly un-thought-through proclamation of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital seems unlikely at present. Those on the inside say that: Gaza is hopeful of an easing of the siege imposed by Israel and Egypt, which will bring a much-needed boost to the local economy. The West Bank wants to maintain security coordination with Israel, which helps keep Hamas out and President Abbas in control. At least half the families in the West Bank are reliant in some way on the Israeli economy. There is plenty of Palestinian despair and anger at lack of any prospect of an end to the occupation. But there is also a war-weariness and the necessity of …Keep reading »
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  • Mark Hamill – propelled to great heights by Mars Pluto

          Mark Hamill is back as Luke Skywalker. The new Star Wars, The Last Jedi, has just premiered in Los Angeles with murmurs of good reviews coming. Born 25 September 1951 2.43pm Oakland, California, into a naval family which moved constantly during his childhood, he is one of seven children. In his early 20s he worked in TV dramas and then aged 24 landed the role in Star Wars since Lucas preferred young actors without too much experience. He has a serious Libra Sun Saturn in his well-read and well-travelled 9th house along with Neptune and Mercury in Virgo. And has a megaton Mars Pluto in Leo in his intense 8th house as well as Venus. Many film …Keep reading »
  • Ewan Cameron & MK-Ultra – Jupiter Saturn in Capricorn

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         One of the CIA’s more damaging and hair-brained schemes in the 1950s/60s was master-minded by a Scots-born psychiatrist Ewan Cameron, who was born under a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, as we have coming up in 2020. MK-Ultra was a CIA Mind Control programme which illegally tested drugs, electro-shocks and other brutal methods on unwitting mental patients to enhance interrogation and torture techniques; and may also have been directed to producing a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ – an artificially created multiple personality disorder – the end result being a spy capable of hiding secrets in a split-off part of their mind which would not be retrievable except by a trigger code under hypnosis. Netflix have been reviving interest with their …Keep reading »
  • JK Rowling & Johnny Depp – fans in a flurry

           JK Rowling has attracted a twitter storm with her statement explaining why Johnny Depp has remained in the title role of the new film, The Crimes of Grindelwald, after he was accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife Amber Heard. Part of the billion-pound Harry Potter franchise, the film is set to be a huge box-office success. She said the terms of his divorce were kept private by both sides and she felt that should be respected. Normally outspoken on social issues, she’s clearly been caught in a tight spot, which is always the case when there’s a personal friendship – and money – involved. On the face of it, their chemistry is not that easy with his volatile Uranus Mars …Keep reading »