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  • Facebook and Cambridge Analytica – sharing run riot

          Facebook’s stock fell roughly 5 per cent ($25 billion) when markets opened because of the huge “data breach” scandal that the Guardian broke over the weekend. It’s a complicated story (see URL) involving Cambridge Analytica acquiring and using Facebook data on users personal interests to target voters in the 2016 US election. Chris Wylie, the whistleblower describes himself as creating “Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare mindfuck tool”. ‘In 2014, Steve Bannon – then executive chairman of the “alt-right” news network Breitbart – was Wylie’s boss. And Robert Mercer, the secretive US hedge-fund billionaire and Republican donor, was Cambridge Analytica’s investor. And the idea they bought into was to bring big data and social media to an established military methodology – “information …Keep reading »
  • Oval Office knee deep in lawyers

          Round and round the mulberry bush and so the tension mounts. Will Trump fire Mueller now that he is daring to go where no man has before, into the Trump business finances; or fire Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, to insert a more pliable yes-man to do the dirty for him? Will Stormy Daniels’ case breach the walls of the Oval office? It’s knee deep in lawyers going ahead which fits with the focal point Pluto in the 9th in Trump’s Admin chart. Rosenstein, 13 January 1965, looks undercut at the same time as Mueller has sinking-failure influences come this June. Rosenstein could go in April with tr Saturn square his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint which sometimes accompanies …Keep reading »
  • Trump – the circus master wielding the whip ** updated X2

        Is Trump descending into a sinkhole of his own digging or beginning to find his feet and rule as he pleases? He blindsides senior staff by impromptu decisions on trade, NK and Russia, losing an economic adviser along the way, firing the Secretary of State who wouldn’t toe his line and now about to dump McMaster, who wasn’t emollient enough. The only two grown-ups left in the room, Mattis and Kelly, both look terminally depressed moving ahead. The Administration chart is moving into new territory with tr Uranus square the midheaven at the moment and then square the Sun from mid-May onwards – so there’ll be a few jolts and surprises, abrupt changes of direction ahead. And it …Keep reading »
  • Ken Dodd – a surreal, hyper-active and melancholy clown

        Ken Dodd, the zany, buck-toothed Liverpudlian comedian with a feather tickle stick in hand, has died. “The last standing true vaudevillian – a force of nature, a whirlwind, an ambulant torrent of surreal invention, physical and verbal, whose Liverpudlian cheek masked the melancholy of an authentic clown.” “A typical Dodd routine was finely balanced on the borderline between sanity and madness.” “The whole experience was like plunging down a waterfall in a barrel, swept away on the tide of his boundless energy. Born 8 November 1927 in Knotty Ash, he continued living in the house he had been born in; engaged to one partner for 22 years until she died of cancer, and then forty years with his …Keep reading »
  • Vladimir Putin – seemingly unstoppable but not content

          Vladimir Putin is up for re-election this Sunday and should he fail to gain an outright majority, there’ll be a second round on April 8th. No one doubts he’ll win though he doesn’t look exactly on top form. Tr Jupiter will sextile his Mars/Node midpoint on the day which is positive but minor enough and then make a confident square to his Pluto from March 23rd. But he picks up tr Pluto square his Neptune from March 20th until early June, and on and off till late 2019, which can bring confusion, devastation, scandals, deception and bouts of megalomania. Overall he’s in a mixed year with the confident tr Pluto trine Jupiter returning in July, though at the …Keep reading »
  • Don Trump Jnr and Vanessa to divorce

          Donald Trump Jnr is to divorce his wife of 12 years, ex-model Vanessa, mother of their five children. According to reports he is unhappy about the level of scrutiny his life and deals bring now that he is first son; and she disliked the invasive security and risk that their role brought. They were born only two weeks apart, she on December 18 and he December 31 1977. He’s am ambitious Sun Venus in Capricorn with a Virgo Moon; while she is a Sun Venus in Sagittarius with an Aries Moon. He Earth, she Fire – so different temperaments. Both have flamboyant Mars in Leo, in his case inconjunct his Sun which is in turn square Pluto …Keep reading »
  • Mars into Capricorn stoking up aggravations

            There’s a tricky six-week run of influences coming up from this weekend with Mars moving into Capricorn on Saturday and the Sun into Aries on the 20th. Thereafter the Sun hits hard aspects to Mars and Saturn before this month’s end; Mars is conjunct Saturn early in April and conjunct Pluto late in the month, with the Sun hitting Pluto and Uranus through the middle. It will be more accident, disaster and atrocity-prone and argumentative than usual. For most individuals (us, cross fingers) it will just bring higher levels of tension, frustrations, bad-temper and irksome things going wrong. Usually several major events globally soak up the clashing energies, so it won’t bring catastrophes everywhere. Looking back …Keep reading »
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