Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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  • Anthony Hopkins – brilliant and flawed

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           Anthony Hopkins, a towering talent but like many actors not an entirely together human being, has been baldly saying he doesn’t know and doesn’t care if he has a grandchild. When told he sounded rather cold, Hopkins replied: “Well, it is cold. Because life is cold.” While in the throes of alcoholism, he abandoned his first wife and only daughter Abigail as a toddler, and his fractured relationship with her sent her into a drug spiral and nervous breakdown in her late teens. They got together briefly in the 1990s but he hasn’t had contact with her in almost two decades. Born 31 December 1937 9.15am (from memory) Port Talbot, Wales, he was hopeless at school and bullied, …Keep reading »
  • Questions & Comments

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  • Lady Kitty Spencer – sophisticated and focused

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         Lady Kitty Spencer was a fashion highlight at the Royal wedding with her similarity to her late aunt Princess Diana much remarked on. She was born 28 December 1990 in England, daughter of the now Earl Spencer and his first wife Victoria and moved to South Africa as a five year old with her parents splitting acrimoniously soon after. She studied psychology, politics and English literature in Cape Town; and in London earned a master’s degree in Luxury Brand Management from Regent’s University. (!?!) She is now a model, has been on several Tatler covers; and  helps with a military charity Give Us Time; and  Centrepoint for homeless youth of which Prince William is patron. She has some …Keep reading »
  • Hugh Grant – dilly dallying to the altar

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         High Grant is to marry for the first time to the mother of his three children, Swedish Anna Eberstein. Born 9 September 1960, London with an unverified time of 7.30am, into a family described as “a colourful Anglo-Scottish tapestry of warriors, empire-builders and aristocracy” he has his Sun, Pluto and Mercury all in Virgo. It’s a tougher and more physical chart than his laid-back appearance and rom-com acting style might suggest. He has an Earth Grand Trine of Pluto trine an 8th house Taurus Moon trine Saturn in Capricorn – a Taurus Moon is certainly indulgent though Saturn Pluto is bleak. What relieves the heaviness of it is a Moon opposition Neptune and Neptune also on the focal …Keep reading »
  • Jeremy Thorpe – A Very English Scandal

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            High farce and conspiracy to murder combine in the truth-stranger-than-fiction tale of Liberal MP Jeremy Thorpe, who almost became Deputy UK PM in 1974, with his attempt to silence his erstwhile homosexual lover, Norman Scott, at a time when such liaisons were still illegal. He assembled a hapless crew of helpers to handle blackmail claims and finally do the dirty deed with the only death being his lover’s dog. Thence to a luridly public trial, where almost everyone appears to have lied on both sides of the case; with a notoriously biased summing up by the judge. Thorpe was acquitted, though his career was ruined; while Scott, who was a fantasist but seems to have been correct …Keep reading »
  • Harry & Meghan Sussex – a happy occasion

           The marriage vows between Prince Harry and Meghan (Duke and Duchess of Sussex) were taken at 12.39 pm in Windsor. There was a Water Grand Trine of Cancer Moon trine Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, which is emotionally private and self-protective, can be healing for others. Formed into a Kite by an intense Moon opposition Pluto. It makes Pluto the driving planet and tied into Jupiter, suggests an ambitious, influential power-couple marriage. There is also an Earth Grand Trine of Saturn trine a Virgo Ascendant trine Mercury Uranus in Taurus, which brings practicality to the mix with new ideas in play, especially abroad – which fits with them having been nominated for a Commonwealth role. Uranus …Keep reading »
  • Dimitrios Pagourtzis, Santa Fe shooter – a volatile Mars

         Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the Santa Fe school shooter, was born 12 October 2000 (media sources). He appears to have been quiet, intelligent, reasonably athletic, church-going with no red flags in his background to suggest violence. Though he appears to have been interested in World War 11 kamikaze pilots and wore Nazi and communist symbols on his coat. He used his NRA enthusiast father’s guns. He is a Sun Libra trine Jupiter trine Uranus, so would have a good brain – though an Air Grand Trine can indicate a fervent ideologue; and that forms into a Kite with Jupiter opposition Pluto, giving him the confidence to assume rules don’t apply to him and bring him into clashes with authority. In addition …Keep reading »
  • Texas shooting – Algol and Mars Pluto Saturn

         A school shooting in Texas has left between eight and ten dead as at least one student went on a rampage, with explosive devices also found in and around the school. The attack happened just before 8am in Santa Fe, Texas. This puts the Taurus Sun conjunct Algol, the destructive Fixed Star, in a high-tension trine to both Pluto and Mars. With a Fixed T square of Mars in Aquarius opposition a Leo North Node square Uranus Mercury in Taurus – explosive, disruptive, violent, wanting to grab attention. And a Cancer Moon exactly opposition Saturn – cold-hearted also loss. There’s also a mini-Grand Trine of Neptune trine Jupiter sextile Pluto, with Pluto sitting midway between Mars and Saturn …Keep reading »