Virgo – Star sign characteristics

An adaptable earth sign, you thrive on being of service to others, fitting in as and when required. You are hard working, practical, communicative, adaptable, warm hearted, a perfectionist. Not half as tidy as you are made out to be, you can still be rather critical of others’ chaos. With the Virgin as your symbol, you are often thought to be rather prudish, but more accurately she was the goddess of the harvest. She holds the sheaf of corn, indicating the harvest to be reaped from work well done. Mercury is your ruler, the restless communicator, which is why you rarely stand still or stop talking.

Inclined to put your emotional needs second to your workaholic streak, you do not relax and indulge easily at parties. You can sometimes be rather fastidious which keeps you away from grand passions. Though you are an earth sign, rooted in your body, and need to allow physical closeness otherwise you can become rather spinster-like, no matter which gender you are. Virgos tend to marry or settle later in life than some signs, because you are so fussy about getting the perfect match. You look after partners and family well at a practical level, but can be rather self sufficient and standoffish. Learning to relax and develop a full blown sense of humour through life helps enormously.

Any jobs requiring communication skills, either writing or speaking, are custom built for you. Basically a practical temperament, you always like to see a solid result from anything you do and a sensible reason for any tasks. Not well designed for sales jobs or public relations necessarily since you dislike hypocrisy and are not always good at preventing your truth telling side to come out into the open. You are marvellous when it comes to sifting and sorting through a complex situation and disentangling all the strands till you have restored order. You thrive on variety and can be extremely flexible as long as your working situation is not too stressful or strenuous, since your highly strung nervous system can go into over load. Any of the healing professions with people or animals can appeal. Mother Theresa was an exceptionally conscientious and effective example.

Watch out for:- Nagging, nit picking and seeing every last tiny fault, flaw and inadequacy in everyone else is bad enough. You then, in your superbly wordy way, point it all out and then repeat it. You are usually right but it does not help everyone else’s tattered ego. You are fixated on details and fail to see the wider picture. Then you lose your sense of humour and become obsessive. Your mania for order and tidiness which masks a horrible fear of chaos. That usually gets worse with age. Being too fastidious and pulls you away from the rough and tumble and warmth of everyday living and real humanity.

Your astrological body area is oddly enough for such a fastidious creature, the digestive and eliminatory systems. Luckily being a basic hypochondriac, you are well spruced up on all matters medical, dietary and hygienic. What you really have to focus on is – worry. Less of it, will help almost any of your physical ailments. Ruled by Mercury, you tend to twang like an over-strung harp. You need to be rigorous about making time for CALM during each day away from situations which set your teeth on edge, or irksome people. Diet needs to be plain rather than fancy, more roughage and glasses of fresh water.