Sagittarius – Star sign characteristics

An adaptable fire sign, you are cheerful, restless, optimistic, a curiously deep thinker, energetic, confident, adaptable and not always practical. Ruled by lucky Jupiter, you have a permanent guardian angel present, ready to rescue you from tight corners. In your life there is always a silver lining no matter how dark the cloud. Your symbol is the centaur, half man, half horse or the horseman archer. You certainly love to roam, being stimulated by travel and intrigued by foreign cultures. You can also be a teacher and a philosopher as Chiron, the centaur, was. You can be honest to a degree which makes more sensitive souls wince.

Romance to you can seem like a sparkling adventure or a heroic chase in the early stages but truthfully you much prefer a friend than a lover. Long term partners usually settle into being good buddies, though you can have a wandering eye. Or end up fairly self sufficient. You dislike being hemmed in. Your leisure life is usually jam packed with parties since you are a sociable soul, and very often sporting activities. You adore being out and about, preferably travelling far distances. Several holidays a year is your idea of heaven, not because you are idle but because you love to explore the far horizons. Reading is also a great pleasure oddly enough for such a restless sign. All else failing you will dip your nose into a string of good books.

Finding focus can be a problem for your talents since like most adaptable signs you can all too easily be blown around by other people’s agenda. It can take a fair way’s through life before you get the concentration necessary to know what the limit and direction of your talents really are. On the surface you can appear lackadaisical, not really ambitious at all. You like to appear not materialistic or too competitive. But the truth is you like an adventurous lifestyle, which never comes with a menial job, and you do have extravagant tastes which need funded. Not always practical you usually need a more plodding partner to pick up the pieces and attend to the detail, while you concentrate on the broad picture. Travel agent would suit your wanderlust. Sport can also be an option since you are a robust, energetic sign. Lawyers are often Sagittarians or academics since you have an intellectual curiosity for knowledge and how society works.

Watch out for: Over optimism You tend to wander through life assuming that someone will bale you out when the going gets tough. They usually do though often you do not deserve the easy ride you get. Hard work, self discipline and being practical are tough lessons for you along the way. You can be honest to a degree which has sensitive souls wincing. They always say Sagittarians need friends with rhinoceros’ hides for this reason. Malice does not motivate you but you rarely stop to think of the effect of your blunt opinions. You can be narrow minded and dogmatic because you believe you have better answers than everyone else. Over indulgence and burnout are your dangers. You like food and drink and dislike putting any kind of limits on yourself. You pay little attention to your body’s real needs so you ignore the signals which tell you to slow down.

As a fire sign, and a highly restless one at that, you have to watch for burnout, since you tend to go flat out, never pausing to consider your physical limits or that your poor body might need a little battery re-charging along the way. Your astrological body areas are the thighs and liver. Sagittarians do appear to be marginally more accident prone when sporting than most, probably because you are fairly foolhardy. Take more care. Livers dislike excess of alcohol clearly, or fat, so a slightly more abstemious lifestyle might help, or at least regular days/weeks away from convivial booze ups.