Pisces – Star sign characteristics

An adaptable water sign, you are emotional, kind, caring, creative, adaptable, sensitive to atmosphere. Ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, you do not find connecting with reality easy so often you retreat into an inner fantasy world or rely on luck to see you through. Which it often does. Your symbol is the two fishes, swimming in opposite directions. The Piscean temperament can have that backwards and forward quality, unable to decide which way you are going, though it can also suggest a useful ability to go with the flow. There are also little fish Pisces – timid souls. And big fish Pisces – more akin to whales in temperament than minnows. The latter don’t lack courage.

Highly seductive and very romantic, you adore all the hearts, flowers, candlelit suppers and paraphernalia of courtship. But often into a long running relationship you start to feel discontented or dissatisfied, when the gloss wears off and reality creeps in. Absolute commitment is difficult for you since you want everything to be like the movies and space out just when partners want to pin you down. You need to learn that seamless perfection and bliss are not usually possible, certainly not over time. Off duty pleasures include disappearing into a pleasant haze with the stereo or your TV set on, or down at the local cinema. You like friends, especially rather serious, respectable ones, and have a loyal group of buddies on whom you can call. Sport is hardly your scene. Even if globe trotting explorers are muscular types, most Pisceans prefer their pleasures from a comfortable chair.

Your best talents definitely lie in the creative or caring realms. Music or the visual image or photography especially appeals. Anything that allows you to get away from dreary practical routines is what brings out the best in you. Even scientists and top class business people, are often Pisces. It may seem odd with your reputation for vagueness, yet as long as you have practical partners on hand to pick up your dreams, you have the grand vision which can be the key to great success. The helping and caring professions are also well represented in your sign, since you have an intuitive understanding of other people’s suffering and want to help. You are not as noticeably ambitious, competitive or ego centred as some signs, but you also have a capacity for getting to where you want to be without as much effort as others. You are adaptable, good at being of service and like to look under stated rather than ruthlessly determined. But you do have a cold streak when it comes to fulfilling your goals.

Watch out for:- Being aimless, day dreamy, impractical and inclined to be either timid or so lacking in energy that nothing definite ever gets done. The danger is that your life just drifts along in a haze. You do want to live like a movie star so you overspend like mad. Having to come back to earth to do trivial, everyday chores drives you to distraction. You so dislike confrontations that you often seem spineless. You wind round other people’s needs rather than stand up for yourself. Getting your feet on the ground and learning to live in tune with reality is difficult.

Your astrological body area is the feet. This has both a symbolic meaning and an actual one. So regular pedicures are the easy bit, warm socks when the big freeze sets in, and lots of tlc for your toes. The psychological meaning is about keeping your self grounded, aware of your practical needs and limits. The most addiction prone of any of the signs you do have a yearning for drink or play drugs or food – or all three – as a way of escaping from the tedious constraints of reality. Find a healthy escape trip.