Leo – Star sign characteristics

A fixed fire sign, you are warm hearted, colourful, energetic and rather stubborn. You expect the world and everyone in it to adapt to you rather than the other way round. A great entertainer and a family protector, you adore being in the centre of attention. Although you can appear slightly vain, you are also surprisingly insecure underneath, needing constant praise to make you feel you are doing OK. Like your ruler, the Sun, you like to be the centre of your own solar system, with companions revolving, as the planets do, round you. Your symbol is the Lion, monarch of the animal kingdom. Need one say more. Male lions rule the pride. The lionesses do most of the work finding food and rearing the young.

An endless round of parties is your idea of heaven. The boring, everyday routines of domestic life are not in keeping with your lofty ideas of grand passion, and you always need to keep a sense of drama or thrill in your emotional life to keep it alive. A true theatrical at heart, you adore making exuberant gestures and you love being around children. Being master or mistress of your own rather extravagant home is your idea of heaven, and you will protect your family with leonine ferocity if need be. You need flexible partners who will allow you the limelight. “You do as I want and I’ll do as I want ” is one of your major life’s mottos. Mates can feel pushed into second place all the time, expected to be courtiers – or even worse just plain echoes. It is not easy for you to think yourself into mate’s needs at least in early adult life so you can stand accused of being insensitive. You are surprisingly sentimental about your family, protecting them fiercely against outsiders who threaten, though you can be quite bossy yourself.

Since you like the good life and a position of respect as well as a position of authority, you do work hard to move up the professional ladder. Your creative talents are strong and could bring you recognition if you pursue them. As a fire sign you are imaginative rather than realistic, and usually need a more grounded partner to look after the basic details. Your diplomatic skills are helpful in any public relations area, and will be useful in gaining you prominence at work, and help smooth your path to promotion. You have the ability to inspire loyalty, confidence and enthusiasm in others so do well in management, though you always need constant praise to keep you happy. Humility is not your strong point and you need to watch a tendency to sulking when everything does not go your way.

Watch out for:- Grabbing for more attention than is usually on offer is your major mistake. You cannot quite believe that everyone does not want to stand around being an appreciative audience. You stand on your dignity at times and can be a touch arrogant or pompous. Although thinking you are divine, a step above the human race, is more a male Leo trait than a female one. Alongside this large ego oddly enough is a hidden inferiority complex. If you do not get status then you crumple like a deflated balloon and wallow around in self pity.

Where health is concerned being a fire sign you treat your body as if it was beneath contempt. You then expect to live like superman/woman on the go permanently. Burnout is a danger at times as your body goes on strike. Your astrological body area is the heart and the back. Keeping your cholesterol levels down by eating less rich food is helpful. Not too much stress, alcohol or nicotine. Have a happy home life. Do exercises to strengthen and supple your spine.