Gemini – Star sign characteristics

An adaptable air sign, you are the communicator of the zodiac par excellence. Intelligent, chatty, versatile, energetic, flighty, fidgety, sometimes bored but never boring, you are always on the go. Rather detached when it comes to feelings and emotions, you can appear cool, but in truth you are always looking for your perfect other half. The Gemini symbol is the Twins. In Greek mythology they were Castor and Pollux, one human twin and one divine, so they were never together. Your ruler is Mercury who was messenger of the gods, with wings on his sandals allowing him to fly around at great speed.

Romance to you is a good conversation over the dinner table, preferably with friends present. You like the idea of love but hate being tied down. In the early stages of courtship, you can chat up a passion but when it comes to letting your heart really feel, you are not in the top league. Those seeking intimacy with you may be rebuffed by what seems a rather reserved manner. Which isn’t to say you don’t walk on the wild side at times. You have a leaning towards lusty adventures but you dislike being trapped so will fly free instantly. Safety and security in numbers is one of your mottos. So you have a wide social circle of acquaintances and usually a fair amount of interaction with brothers and sisters in your adult life.

Gemini always does well in the lists of the mega-rich, so making it big is clearly in your nature. Though you can have your ups and downs since you tend not to be steady in your intentions. Your butterfly approach, here, there and back again, suits certain ambitions but not all. You are much better putting your energy into short span projects that are likely to show fast results. What makes you out from other zodiac signs is your capacity and indeed liking for doing six different jobs all simultaneously. You like continually juggling options and spreading your talents in different directions. But you are essentially a wordsmith so talking or writing are central to where your best talents lie. You have a curious, investigative mind so you pick up information left, right and centre and then keep everyone else well entertained or educated.

Watch out for:-Being flighty and flyaway you can have problems with stability, loyalty and dependability. And how to put it politely? Sometimes some Geminis ( almost certainly not you) are not exactly straightforward about telling the truth. Some Geminis can be downright bent at work. Most have a flexible approach to rules, regulations and limits. An expert juggler you are used to sliding round corners and out of tight spots though it does not always work. You have a highly mysterious way around cash which some people find maddening. They can never pin you down.

Your body area, astrologically speaking, is the shoulders and arms. You fidget, gesticulate, and catch all the tension of your wound up nervous system at the back of your neck. De-stressing can be a huge help to you if you can manage to calm your ever-restless monkey mind which is for ever roaming around at high speed. Finding some mindless task to occupy your hands in spare moments can also help – worry beads, knitting, or something more robust in the practical line. Ruled by Mercury, you can also have a slightly nervous digestive system, and need generally calming food which is easy to absorb.