Cancer – Star sign characteristics

A cardinal water sign, you are emotional, ambitious and self protective. Sensitive, sympathetic, family oriented, you are also have a good deal of initiative, and work exceptionally hard. Ruled by the Moon, a feminine energy, which is intuitive but also moody, you are good at creating security, very creative, in tune with public taste. You kind over react to even the faintest whiff of criticism, and are prone to jealousy, more than most. Your symbol is the crab, so you often approach tricky situations sideways. When life does not suit you then like the crab, you just bury yourself in the sand and refuse to budge. A master/mistress at the art of passive resistance you can be thoroughly frustrating to companions who are trying to encourage you into action.

Highly seductive, exceedingly charming, and needing the feel of emotional closeness, you must have a reliable partner to make you feel secure. Loyalty is important, since you can be possessive and rather over sensitive to partners being anywhere other than by your side. Truth to tell physical sex is less important to you than being part of a happy settled family group. Too much one-to-one intimacy can make you nervous. Lady Cancerians often develop into rather matriarchal figures, who like to head the extended family tribe. Male Cancerians just want to have a welcoming home to retreat to. Your leisure activities always involve a large circle of fun friends, wealthy acquaintances and relatives. You like team activities but not too much strenuous activity.

Wonderful at anything to do with taste, caring, catering, nurturing and protecting, you work exceptionally well in any home or feminine arena, including food, real estate, interior design or fashion. You combine flair, vision, inspiration with a capacity for dreaming up new projects and setting them on their way. Not an idle dreamer, you make things happen. Your boredom threshold can be low since you are a starter by nature, not a finisher. You need variety, excitement and constant change before you will be settled. Your strong imagination is very rooted in a sense of the present, so you are rarely wrong in your hunches about what will work. You can also work well in the caring professions, where your sensitivity to the needs of the disadvantaged or sick can be put to good use. Though you always need to feel your talents are appreciated and that constant praise is coming your way.

Watch out for: Being fickle and moody, you are guaranteed to make mountains out of molehills especially in emotional situations. If companions seem even slightly off, detached or standoffish you take it as a personal slight and disappear off into a three week sulk. Often you can cut your nose off to spite your face when you get into a drama. You are over sentimental to the point where leaving the past behind is well nigh impossible. Your life gets clogged up with debris that is well past its sell by date. Mates think they will get deep passion but really what you want is to turn torrid affairs into long running domestic sagas.

The astrological body area assigned to Cancer is stomach and breasts – all to do with feeding! Cancerians can be either over or under weight (Ted Heath v Nancy Reagan). So moderation in diet is all important, also watch a tendency to eat for emotional compensation. If this is the case milk puddings and childhood comfort foods are the pitfalls. Drinking plenty of water is vital. Luckily you are restless so will burn off much of the excess. Cut down on dairy products, butter, cheese, cream if you are getting crab-shaped. But don’t go to the other extreme. Balance is the key.