Aquarius – Star sign characteristics

A fixed air sign, you are thoughtful, communicative, curious, friendly, humanitarian and paradoxically rather stubborn. There are two kinds of Aquarians. Those leaning to your Saturn co-ruler, can be conventional, disciplined rather money oriented. Those who lean towards the Uranian side, are original, unconventional, determined to be whacky or eccentric just to prove how independent you are. Your symbol is the water carrier, not because you are emotional, but because you give of knowledge to others. With quite a scientific bent, you like find out how the universe works.

Romance to you is a rather detached affair as are long running relationships. You are cool, a thinker rather than deeply emotional. Another Aquarian suits you down to the ground. You do want a partner in life, but you also want a huge circle of friends and acquaintances and not too much intimacy. You always insist on keeping your own circle after marriage, and indeed many Aquarians quite like the idea of open marriages, with as few ties or regulations as you can get away with. Freedom is always your watchword. Lovers need to be pals, and brightly intelligent ones at that. If there’s no communication you will be off like a shot. Quite an expert on sexual matters, you have an encyclopaedic knowledge about such things. But you are not always quite so thrilled about the practice.

As an air sign, communication is really your forte, whether in writing or speaking. You have people skills since you mix easily with large numbers, and have an understanding of what human beings want. Career choices do depend on whether you swing towards Saturn or Uranus. Saturnine Aquarians like making money, building status, respectability and security. The Uranian ones are basic hippies at heart, disliking materialism and wanting a peaceful world with a happy fellowship of men. You do have the grit to stick to your goals once they are fixed, rarely changing your mind about anything fundamental. This means if you are on the right track you will get there eventually. Being a strong individualist, you are not wonderfully good at taking orders. But you can be good as a team player as long as you have your own independent niche, where you are allowed to work unsupervised. Being basically multi-cultural, not being interested in narrow divisions of class or country, you can work well in global businesses. The high tech computer and info-revolution suits Aquarians. Not that you are necessarily terribly practical, but you have a sharp mind, a way of assembling huge amounts of information quickly and putting it across clearly. Anything experimental is what really brings out the best in you.

Watch out for:- Being such a rugged individualist that you cannot compromise in relationships or fit into conventional behaviour. You let it all hang out and want to be your own person so much that you can end up feeling rather isolated. “No man (or woman) is an island ” should be hung above your bed. So determined to be whacky just to see how many people you can startle or shock, you sometimes drive away rather nice but more embarassable souls who could make great friends. Obstinacy is a deeply engrained trait which confuses people who know just how experimental and forward looking you can be. You can be too up in your head – thinking or talking all the time, and not letting your senses or your feelings get a look in. You get quite paranoid about anything that smells like jealousy.

Possibly the zodiac sign least connected to the body, you do need to force yourself to focus on your physical lifestyle. Are you eating sensibly? Do you sleep enough, get any exercise? Aquarius is highly strung, can suffer more butterflies in the stomach than most, or mild digestive upsets. De-stressing is a top priority, and finding any activities that switch you off constant brain chatter. Your astrological body area is the circulatory system. In old style astrology Aquarians were supposed to be more chilblain-prone than most.