Aries – Star sign characteristics

A cardinal fire sign, you have initiative, inspiration, courage and grand fantasies. Your colour is flaming red, and your symbol is the horned ram, who goes through life butting against obstacles. Your ruler is Mars, god of war in Greek mythology, who always went straight ahead, sweeping opponents to one side. You like the be first and can come across as rather pushy through truthfully you are warm hearted. You just like to make sure you are getting attention, and the top prize. Not always practical you can get in a muddle since you do not check out details, or consider the long term consequences of your actions or words. You need sensible partners to pick up the pieces and do the drudgery after you have got bored and moved one.

Love to you should be a grand novel or an epic film, all knights on white chargers, rescuing princesses from burning towers and great danger. The everyday routines of a live in relationship have to provide constant stimulation otherwise your interest will wander. You need constant holidays, and social treats to keep you sparkling with romance. Whisper it softly but you could be accused of insensitivity. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and you can sometimes be seen as a rather noisy baby. Babies are cute but rarely think of the needs of anyone else. Mature Aries learn that appearing to be thoughtful and sensitive is a good persuasive technique. But deep down you still think you come first.

You are full of brilliant ideas and a great salesperson. You have the courage of your convictions, and will leap into new schemes with great bravado. Even if you fail, you are never down for long. You have an amazing resilience, a rubber ball quality, that bounces you back up and into the next project. Great at starting, you often run out of enthusiasm before projects are finished so you need to always be in a job that allows you to move on quickly. If you are stuck in a dull, plodding job then you need to start thinking of how to spice it up, or gradually switch over into an arena more fitted to your temperament.
You want to be Number One in whatever you do, and adore the challenge of the game of winning. Competitive to the nth degree you much prefer coming out on top after a good battle. Not custom built as a team player, or to sit down the pecking order, you are much better in an independent position where you can control your own destiny.

Watch out for :- opening your mouth before you engage your brain and leaping off the edge of cliffs before you check that the safety net is in place are what most often lead you into high risk situations. Courage you may have in quantity but common sense you lack. You can cause mayhem by telling the truth absolutely straight, pulling no punches whatsoever. You may be right but because you find it difficult to put yourself into other’s shoes you often have no idea of the effect of your sledge hammer opinions. Impractical to a fault, you often pay no attention to your physical needs. Burnout can be a problem.

Each astrological sign has an area of the body -yours is the head. Aries are supposed to be more prone to headaches than most. All that hot blood of impatience rushing upwards. So your tips are mainly to do with CALMING DOWN. Find ways of winding down that do not involve collapsing after a frantic days rushing around. Not eating too fast also helps, since you tend not to pay attention to your physical needs. Less spicy/junk food, more lettuce for peace of mind and carbohydrate to slow you down. You burn up what you eat faster than most, so the excess is unlikely to build up.