Taurus – Star sign characteristics

A fixed earth sign, you are practical, tactile, indulgent and steady. Rooted in your body, you adore to pleasure your senses with whatever feels good, tastes, smells or looks good. Placid, reliable, consistent, your strength is your ability to stand rock solid. Not surprisingly the bull is your symbol, not a lightweight creature. It can graze placidly but once roused to anger is a fearsome prospect. Your ruler is Venus, a deliciously indulgent influence, which can be utterly charming, rather lazy, but does give you good taste or creative talents. You dislike change, can be stubborn, and like to be in control. Power is always an issue in your life and relationships. Slow to make up your mind you are quite immoveable once you are on track. Everything in life needs a practical purpose or a tangible outcome otherwise you are not interested.

Love to you is cuddles, kisses and physical closeness. Renowned as possibly the best lover in the zodiac, though less emotional than Scorpio who vies for top honours in this department, you need an outlet for your physical needs. Loyalty is a strong factor in your thinking where partners are concerned. You can be jealous and possessive since you need security. Once you are established in a long running relationship you are happy for it to continue on an even course. At times you can also be too insistent that everyone bends to your will, which can make partners feel their individual needs are not being met. Fun to you is eating and drinking well, so your social life needs to revolve around the dinner table. Beauty, elegance and indulgence make you purr with pleasure.

Excellent in the real world of solid objects, you are a craftsman or woman, a farmer, gardener, good with animals, making and saving money, or being the central pillar of whatever organisation you work within. You like to see solid results from what you do both in terms of money and achievement. A job which demands constant variety and adaptability is not your style at all. Often you let others start new projects which you then take over and see them through to completion and settle down. You much prefer a routine which you can see stretching ahead. Ruled by Venus, you can have creative talents which often lie in the area of singing (the voice and the body) or in sculpture. You can rise to the challenge of crises with a good deal of resourceful calm. Your aim is not to let yourself be blown around by circumstances. Fame, success and glory matter less to you than financial security, or wealth, and power. You are custom built for an established business where you can be the steady hand on the tiller.

Watch out for:- Your negative trait is being greedy about money and possessions. One of the world’s hoarders, you can seem blinkered in your need for stacking up the goodies of life. Not only are you acquisitive, you also super splurge, wallowing in pleasuring all of your senses. You can eat to excess, sometimes drink to match. Hugely earthy, you can also be rather limited in your outlook. Your feet of clay do hold you back at times.

Less is more should be written in large letters on the kitchen door. Over weight or the effect of over indulgence can be a real problem since you rarely limit your intake of pleasure-able substances. Ruled by Venus, you adore potatoes, cream, rich and sweet food. Either cut the carbohydrates or up the exercise. The throat is your astrological body area so finding good cures for coughs, wheezes and cold bugs is important. Buy a scarf for winter.