Scorpio – Star sign characteristics

A fixed water sign, you are intensely emotional, possessive, highly secretive, very determined, and rather unyielding. You are good with cash and confidences, have tons of endurance and courage. With the scorpion as your symbol you can have a sting in your tail if hurt or criticised. You rarely forget and forgive. You always answer back in your own good time. Dynamic Mars and power hungry Pluto are your rulers so you like to be the one pulling the strings. A miracle maker, you never listen when told something is impossible.

Love to you is a consuming passion, so really you are best firmly attached to another Scorpio who understands your great emotional depth. You take your love life so seriously it can make more detached mates wilt. What you want is a romance which is truly transcendent. Courtship for you is a hunt for you to track down your soul mate. Once found, you clasp them firmly, which is wonderful in the early stages though it can feel slightly obsessive later on. Once you switch off lovers, you never switch back on. They don’t become pals. You adore them or you loathe them. For off duty activities you quite like to walk on the wild side, avoid discos and raucous parties, and much prefer candlelit suppers, or small private parties made up from your favourite, and trusted buddies.

Investigative, persistent, hugely resourceful and well able to cope with the more difficult side of life, you have talents which others do not possess. At your best in crises, you can rise to challenges and tricky occasions with a good deal of courage. You operate well out of sight or in the background, since it is power you seek not glory. You handle highly confidential or secret information better than most. You never mind being down in the dirt or in the darker areas of life as long as you are guaranteed you will find something of value there. You can be quite telepathic, being able to read between the lines, and hear what is unspoken. Your penetrating insight often gets to the answer uncannily quickly. Though you tend to be slow to reach decisions or change your mind. Best in a job that stays the same over time, you dislike having to chop and change frequently.

Watch out for:- Jealousy and possessiveness are your real hang ups. Mates can end up feeling suffocated by your devotion or frightened by your dislike. You can be manipulative and over intense to a degree which frightens many people. Your surface charm can sometimes be rather false because underneath you are plotting and planning. Revenge is often a main motive. You do take obstinacy to the nth degree and never listen when you are told something is impossible.
Power hungry to a fault, you do not care who has the spotlight as long as you are in control. You can be secretive to extreme because you reckon knowledge is also power. Power shared is power lost.

Astrologically speaking your body area is the genitals. Not for nothing are you the sexy sign of the zodiac. Keeping all the bladder areas and other unmentionables working well are your focus. Being a fixed water sign, you can hang on too much to resentments, which mirrors itself at a physical level. So the more you keep your system flowing through emotionally and by drinking copious quantities of water the better. Rigidity can also be a problem so any exercises which keep you supple will help.