Libra – Star sign characteristics

A Cardinal Air sign, you are intelligent, charming, communicative, rather detached, highly ambitious, with oodles of initiative. Unfairly dubbed ‘lazy Libra’ in fact you usually get into stride after 29, and are highly conscientious. Restless and versatile you like to be constantly on the move. With Venus as your ruler, your taste is superb, and expensive. You like bright colours, clean cut designs and not too many frills. Your symbol (the only inanimate one in the zodiac) are the scales of justice so truth, fairness and balance are important to you always. At times you veer from one extreme to another to find the equilibrium you seek. Lady Libras tend to be clear thinking, where the male of the species is softer, more emotional.

Known as the relationship sign of the zodiac, you are oddly enough not very emotional. You tend to stand back to think rather than feel. But since you are highly sociable and have a great deal of magnetic charisma you are never short of invitations or offers. You do need another half in life before you will feel settled, so you actively pursue energetic partners who will give you the security you need. What you have to watch is a tendency once you have found your mate, to then stand back. Airy detachment is not always the best recipe for life-long bliss. Emotions do seem messy to you and inconvenient, but heart connections need more than tactful words. You are in your element on the social scene, throwing lavish parties and adoring other people’s.

Your people skills are the most evident, since you are diplomatic and sensitive to what others want. You are conventional in approach so you tend to aim for a mainstream career, where you can rise in social status. Light rather than intense in manner, you prefer a career where you can socialise a good deal, stay on the surface and not plumb the depths. You are not investigative by nature, so aim to be seen as caring, kindly and respectable rather than devious or dirt digging. At times accused of indecisiveness, your ability to weight tricky situations in the balance, thinking round every alternative, until you reach a sensible conclusion, can be extremely useful in the right circumstances. You will not be rushed. An easy underling since you like fitting into corporate structures, you can also make a good boss. You are caring, look after the interests of those in your employ, and can bring calm to awkward situations, cooling heated tempers with a few well chosen words.

Watch out for:- Niceness is your downfall. Trying to keep everything sweet, sociable and calm on the surface means you avoid real life. You are so obsessed with balance you become positively unbalanced at times. You race around trying to be all things to all people so you get dubbed as insincere. But you also do the opposite – when others say white, you say black just to give the other point of view. So you can sound unnecessarily argumentative. Dithery and indecisive, you can never quite make up your mind about what is best to do. Snobbish and rather uppity, you loathe anything unwashed or eccentric but that way you miss out on quite a lot of fun.

Astrologically speaking your body area is the kidneys. Above all else kidneys need water poured through daily to clear toxins, and not too much alcohol. You also psychologically need to avoid situations which make you frightened or over stressed. Ruled by Venus, you do have a liking for rich and sweet food. Cut down on fats, dairy products, and rich sauces once in a while. Go for a fruit and fresh vegetable detox. Exercise helps enormously though aim for sports which allow for flowing, elegant movements. Trudging through thick mud in Wellington boots is not quite your style.