Capricorn – Star sign characteristics

A cardinal earth sign, you have initiative by the bucket load, are ambitious, practical, upwardly socially mobile and highly determined. Ruled by Saturn you put material security before almost everything else, and tend to be conventional or traditionalist in your outlook. You can be ultra cautious, sometimes tight with money, but mellow through your middle years to take life easier. Your symbol is the mountain goat who scales the peaks. You always have a long term game plan, and can plod along for years in pursuit of your goals. Your dogged persistence usually gets you there.

As an earth sign you are rooted in the body, with strongly sensual needs though you often repress them as a distraction from the more important things like making your way in life. Emotionally cool, you often take to your mid years before you begin to let warmth in. For many Capricorns, love in the early stages of your adult life can be a desert, or an arena for furthering your social or career prospects. Then hey presto, along the way, you throw convention and caution to the winds, and dive headlong into a mad passionate fling. You can veer from celibacy to wild indulgence. Eating and drinking can be addictive past times for you, since you do like to pleasure your senses, but partying is never really your favourite hobby unless it is business entertaining.

You have a steely will, and an absolute determination to gain a position of status and respect in your society. You will do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be. With your managerial skills and dynamic determination, you usually manage to fulfil your ambitions no matter how long it takes. You can start from a lowly position and are good at taking orders, since you appreciate the need for discipline, but you always have your eye on the eventual goal. More creative than you are given credit for normally, you can come up with startling inspirations which help you business. Though as an earth sign you do always have to be working within a solid framework. Everything you do has to have a purpose and an end result. You have a good deal of initiative obviously for starting new ventures, though are sometimes less good at very long haul projects. You like to move on. A mainstream career suits you best since you like respectability and status. In many ways you like to move up the corporate hierarchy in steady stages until you reach the pinnacle.

Watch out for:- Being doggedly ambitious, rather snobbish, you can throw away the lighter side of life and then wonder why you are depressed. Lacking a sense of humour can be a problem. You sometimes care more for keeping appearances than for how things feels. You sometimes marry for status and security not love and then feel chilled out and demeaned. Friends you pick because of who they are rather than what they are. Work can push everything else in life to one side. You want to succeed no matter how long it takes and will grovel if necessary to get where you want to be. You save your charms for influential people rather than waste them as you see it on social frivolities. But you lose out along the way.

Capricorn is essentially to do with solid structure in the body, which is why your astrological body areas are the knees and the teeth. Knees need to be kept supple like the rest of your frame, which means not too much jogging on hard pavements – too wearing on cartilages – but constantly bending and stretching. Teeth need good dental attention, and not too much jaw grinding. As an earth sign you can also be addicted to eating or a la Elvis Presley other substances as well. Fewer roast potatoes and red wine will help. So will avoiding too high a protein diet.