Stock market madness – divorced from reality ** Add On 1987

The US stock market’s meteoric rise stands in sharp contrast to sagging investor confidence in the face of a worsening economic outlook. “There is a disconnect between where the market is going and where the economy is heading,” one analyst said, with the China-USA trade tiff harming US consumers and farmers more than Chinese. A majority of the wealthiest investors are expecting a major sell-off next year with the global economy resting on a knife-edge, according to a recent survey. More than other U.S. presidents, Trump has hitched his success to gains in the stock market and to the health of the U.S. economy.

Stock Market charts aren’t always rock solid indicators but for what they are worth:-

The Dow Jones, 26 May 1896 9.11 am New York, is looking upbeat at the moment with tr Uranus square the Jupiter which repeats in early 2020. There looks to be more cheer in 2021 with Solar Arc Jupiter opposition the Sun and Solar Arc Mars conjunct the Jupiter. Though there are foot-dragging transits to midpoints from early 2020 to 2023.

The New York Stock Exchange, 17 May 1792 New York, is also looking chipper with tr Pluto in a confident square to Jupiter in 2019/2020. Where it starts to look really sticky is in 2021/22/23 with tr Pluto square Saturn and then Neptune. Though there could be hints of that in 2020 from Pluto hard aspects to midpoints.

The FTSE First Trade 3 January 1984 10am London is also indicating 2021/2022 as frustratingly blocked and aggravating years; with some uncertainties through 2020.

The Nasdaq, 8 February 1971 9am New York, has hints of over-confidence from its super-optimistic Jupiter Neptune being triggered by Solar Arcs, with some challenges in 2020. But there’s nothing as catastrophic as the influences around the DotCom bust in 2000 when tr Uranus was conjunct the Nasdaq Sun with tr Saturn in Taurus moving to square the Sun; and much worse tr Pluto conjunct the Mars. There will be ripples of the same effect in 2022/23 when tr Saturn in Aquarius square tr Uranus in Taurus bounce off the Nasdaq Sun square Saturn – but the tr Pluto on the Nasdaq Mars won’t be repeated. So rocky but not as disastrous.

The S & P Index, 4 March 1957, New York, is moving into headwinds through 2020, but the main difficulties seem to be 2021 with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune and a bubble-bursting tr Neptune square the Sun/Jupiter midpoint. Though there are also confidence boosting influences at the same time. And it is no where near as shattering as when the Lehman collapse and wider crash in 2008 happened. Then tr Saturn in Pisces was conjunct the S&P Sun, tr Neptune was square the Mars, and an overly-confident tr Pluto was square the Jupiter.

1987 Black Monday: A previous market cataclysm on 19 October 1987 – on the NASDAQ the Jupiter Neptune was again being targeted by Solar Arc Saturn opposition the Jupiter Neptune; and tr Saturn Uranus was conjunct the Solar Arc Jupiter Neptune. So again some slight similarities to what is coming up though not as punishing.

On the S&P 500 in 1987 tr Saturn Uranus was opposition the Solar Arc Mars; and moving to square the Jupiter.


7 thoughts on “Stock market madness – divorced from reality ** Add On 1987

  1. Thanks, Marjorie. The Friday before the Black Monday (19 oct 87), I felt this pressing premonition to “leave the market now.” I waited a day too long…

  2. Kate – do you mean the Nasdaq chart for 8th February 1971? It’s interesting to see that its Moon’s NN are at 23 Aquarius, conjunct the NYC Stock Exchange Pluto, and close to the US 4th July Moon. The financial Venus is at 3 Capricorn, right in line for the December 26th eclipse. In 2021/2, for instance, Uranus in Taurus reaches the Nasdaq Saturn. So the timing of “bumpy roads” would seem to agree with what Marjorie has written here.

  3. Thank you Marjorie, this is timely as I was going to ask about yesterday’s Taurus Full Moon which was exactly
    Conjunct the U.S.’ Vesta.

  4. Thanks Marjorie, this is fascinating. When I heard the news about the US economy I was puzzled, but I’m not an economist. Back on 15th September 2008 when Lehman Bros folded we also had Jupiter in Capricorn. Transiting Neptune was then conjunct the New York Stock Exchange Pluto in Aquarius, square Mercury, and trine the Jupiter in Libra. Something in the air?! The full Moon on that Monday was 22 Pisces, which has just repeated on 14th September 2019, at 21 degrees Pisces. Patterns are resonating, yet it’s hard to see what’s been learned since 2007/8. You are absolutely right the financial carousels are divorced from reality.

  5. Probably would need to run the spx and nasdaq chart tech is holding most of America’s wealth currently that has the riskiest exposure

    Dow is only 30 companies and the spx always leads the Dow

  6. Mercury Retrograde! This may definitely contribute to markets being disconnected from reality. Wealthy Investors don’t get wealthy for nothing, they have diversified portfolios and can anticipate trends. What they say fully complies with what I hear and see. I’m working with loads of industrial sales people these days on a field that anticipate demand for vital infrastructure in 6-12 months. Things have been slowing down, a lot.

    • I lost everything in the 1987 bust. Since then I’ve always invested in high-return medium risk mutual funds. I did quite well thru 2010 (50% return for three years). I leave the worrying to the fund investment mgrs.

      How does the 1987 bust compare to what you’ve assessed here?

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