Sarah Huckabee Sanders – null points for communication

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s (alleged) press secretary has resigned, though in recent times after being caught out in a litany of lies, obfuscations and misspeaks, she has rarely spoken to the majority of the media.

Born 13 August 1982 in Hope, Arkansas, she is the daughter of Mick Huckabee former Republican Governor of Arkansas and twice candidate for the presidency.  She’s got an idealistic/slippery Leo Sun trine Neptune, sextile an unyielding Saturn Pluto in Libra; with a sugary-sweet, good-for-PR, insincere-charm Venus in Cancer square Jupiter Mars in Scorpio which masks a steely core.

Her relationship with Trump is genuinely affectionate/friendly and supportive with a composite Sun Venus square Jupiter; though it was always going to be a  bond that moved through changeable times with composite Saturn Uranus and Uranus conjunct Pluto.

I thought it might blow last year when tr Uranus was square the composite Sun and Venus though that may have loosened the ties that bind. Tr Pluto has been opposing the composite Sun this year; and both tr Uranus and tr Neptune are pulling on the need-for-change planets. Mueller may have been the straw that finally made the difference as she is recorded as having lied about the FBI and James Comey, though she won’t admit to anything other than a slip of the tongue.

On her own chart she looks relieved with tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter though also a touch insecure and agitated with tr Uranus opposition her Mars, with a deluge of bad press on her exit. She also has a massive upheaval from her Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Uranus now, which would certainly give her a sharp nudge.  Her road ahead looks uncertain, insecure, confused and fairly catastrophic for the next three to four years with tr Neptune opposition her Sun/Saturn midpoint in 2020/2021 and three Pluto hard aspects to three separate Saturn midpoints this year and on till 2023. Though that won’t hold her back with tr Pluto square her Jupiter in 2021/22, so she’ll respond – some of the time – with her usual tone-deaf confidence.


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