Patrick Dempsey – from hero to Nero

Patrick Dempsey, ‘McDreamy’ of the long-running TV medical series Grey’s Anatomy until he parted company in 2015 with rumours of producer spats has been accused in an upcoming book of ‘terrorizing’ the set and upsetting certain cast and crew members.

   At the time he said he’d done 11 years of 15 hour days and wanted time with his family and to diversify, though his career hasn’t exactly gone stratospheric since. He recently returned to the series recently as a dream in his former wife Meredith’s fevered Covid-induced coma.

  He was born 13 January 1966 11.45am Lewiston, Maine and has a career-oriented 10th house Capricorn Sun trine Pluto Uranus in Virgo and sextile Neptune in Scorpio – he’s got ambition to spare and filmic talent though will be erratic and unpredictable. His determined Mars in Aquarius conjunct Venus in his 10th will be pushy and stubborn; and his Jupiter square Pluto would make him ride roughshod over social niceties at times. His Saturn in the 11th probably wouldn’t make him an over friendly team member. But it isn’t too hair-raising a chart.

  Where one problem undoubtedly lay was with the formidable producer Shonda Rhimes, 13 January 1970. She’s another Sun Capricorn with Venus and Mercury close by so they might have understood each other’s approach. But her Mars in Pisces opposition Pluto which is ultra-determined and not-to-be-tangled-with hits his Pluto Uranus and his Saturn in quite the wrong place which would turn into a battle of wills.

   Ellen Pompeo, the star, 10 November 1969 1.24pm Everett, MA, is a Sun Mercury in Scorpio which clashes with his Mars so it would be argumentative at times; especially since she also has Mars in obstinate Aquarius. But her Jupiter is square his Sun and their relationship chart is affectionate with a few rough edges so it would swing along well most of the time.

   Two things strike me – One is that he does not have a ‘terrorist’s chart’. He’s an actor, has a marginally tricky temperament and wants his own way – and that’s a surprise? The other is that baling out of a long-running success rarely is a good idea no matter how bored/exhausted it feels. He looks reasonably jammed up for two years ahead with his Solar Arc Uranus Pluto squaring his Mars.

  His rise-and-fall 10th harmonic is marked, as are his creative 5th and 7th Harmonics so he may come back into focus but not instantly.

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  1. His PlutoUranus conjunction in the 5th house could make him very susceptible to slights? However, he does have a bit of a roller coaster time with his career with Pluto entering Aquarius soon and will transit his Part of fortune, Venus and Mars. Either an acting party with another ensemble of actors- series, or playing a psychopath. Also Mercury/ Saturn Midpoint is one degree away from his 10th house Venus. Pluto transiting Saturn/Mercury/ Venus in the 10th could also mean he may have a well publicised dalliance.

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